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They should have redesigned the ships at different times and built them differently to achieve better results. This is because each needed more time…
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System engineering
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System engineering System engineering What might SE have done to increase the likelihood of a different (better) outcome than the one presented in the article?
The system engineers would have got a different or better outcome if they had used a different approach than the one they applied. They should have redesigned the ships at different times and built them differently to achieve better results. This is because each needed more time and concentration. They should not have abandoned the normal shipbuilding sequence steps. When normal sequence steps are followed, better results are experienced. The system engineers should have largely finished the sections and then assembled them instead of welding the ship together and doing the rest of the work later. Construction took fewer years than the normal four years and thus, if the construction were done in the normal time it should better results would be obtained. Following the construction procedures is a key to having the desired outcomes and therefore, the system engineers should have followed the right construction procedures especially when they were constructing the engine. The costs of constructing the ship would have reduced if there was following of the correct procedures.
What limits SE from being effective
The system engineers are limited by the orders that they receive from the navy officers. The instructions are clear that the ship is required within a short span of time (Taubman, 2008). The executives fear that if the construction slows down it will disadvantage them from winning the contract and therefore the system engineers must hurry up. The system engineers do not have an option but to follow the instructions of hurrying the construction process.
Taubman, P. (2008). Lesson on How not to Build a Navy Ship. New York Times , 1. Read More
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