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Innovative 2 - Assignment Example

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Abstract The advancement of technology has been making life easier every day. For instance, communication is easy among people in different parts of the world, travelling is improved by via air, road and water, and several systems in industries and at homes have been automated…
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Innovative assignment 2
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Download file to see previous pages Drivers are likely to sleep off after being on the road for long distances or for other reasons such as feeling unwell and being drunk. In the event of such a scenario, the driver will not be in control of the vehicle and hence the increase in the chances of causing an accident. However, with the appropriate use of technology, such a driver can be alerted that he is dosing off. As a result, the chances of such a driver causing an accident are reduced drastically. A steering wheel with heart rate sensors and its display on the vehicle’s dash board In other cases, a driver could suffer from a heart attack. Consequently, the driver is likely to cause an accident or even just get incapacitated by the condition to a point of not being able to call for medical attention. Therefore, with the help of a correct system, when such a condition occurs the system can automatically call for medical assistance on behalf of the driver. In addition, the system can be made intelligent enough to control the vehicle. An image of a car seat with sensors Lastly, sometimes a parent may fail to realise that his or her child is feeling unwell during a drive. This way, the child’s condition is likely to get worse as the parent concentrates on driving. In order to avoid such an occurrence, an intelligent system could be used to alert such a parent of a child’s ailing condition. ...
This results in injuries, loss of life, and damage of property or all of these. On the other hand, an adult is not able to contact a doctor when he suffers a condition such as a heart attack. Moreover, a child can get seriously ill if the guardian is not able to realise that the child is ailing. This document provides at simple ways of solving these challenges. A list of the equipment required for the implementation of these systems. In addition, this document analyses some of the possible problems, which can be encountered during the implementation of these systems. However, the possible solutions to these problems are also provided. The key consideration for the implementation of the three systems considered in this document is the reaction of the body during sleep and sickness. This reaction acts as a trigger to the system in order to provide the appropriate response. Conclusion The time taken to respond to sleep during driving, a heart attack or to provide assistance to an ailing child can mean the difference between life and death. With the above systems lives would be saved and in other cases property would also be spared. One great advantage with these systems is that they can be easily implemented. Therefore, many people will be able to afford the systems and their accompanying benefits. Finally, these systems use electronic components that require some power supply for them to work appropriately. Since these this technology will be used within vehicles, there will never be power problems since vehicles usually provide their own power. The History of the Heart Rate Monitor The history of heart rate monitors go back to the 1970’s (Nasa, n.d). For instance, NASA started the development of such ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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