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BCA Compliance - Fundamentals of HVAC Systems - Assignment Example

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This paper "BCA Compliance - Fundamentals of HVAC Systems" focuses on the design auditing of the building before costing to meet the BCA requirements. The building is to be used for commercial purposes located in a town centre and should meet the BCA Vol. 1standards.  …
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BCA Compliance - Fundamentals of HVAC Systems
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Download file to see previous pages The building is located in the town centre. 1.2 LIMITATIONS Limitations applied to the document are: No consideration for a detailed requirement for the Australian standards Construction safety act have not been looked at A complete architectural design for the structure not available and The provisions made for the disabled. 1.3 DESIGN DOCUMENTATION The report is based on the design brief and the set of preliminary drawings. Drawing1 Building illustration Drawing 2 Front Elevation of completed structure Drawing 3 Ground floor plan Drawing 4 Basement plan PART 2 BUILDING CHARACTERISTICS BCA Classification Class 7a: Car park and warehouse CLASS 7b: for storage, or display of goods or produce for sale by wholesale. Rise in Storey Five(5) Type of Construction Type A Effective Height Less than 25 meters. Fire Compartment Size Floor Area: 3600 square meters Volume: does not exceed the minimum stated in BCA PART 3: BCA ASSESSMENT 3.1 METHODOLOGY The design provided is to be audited against the Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions of the Building Code of Australia, 2010(BCA). The areas discussed have been assessed to meet the performance-based solutions: 3.2.0 Fire Resistance For fire stability of the structure, the BCA requires its resistance and stability, the compartments and modes of separation as well as the allowances made for protection against fire. 3.2.1 Fire Resistance and Stability The structure constructed should remain stable during the fire to allow evacuation. Its elements should resist any spread of fire. This must comply with the purpose of the structure, intensity of the fire, the fire systems in place, size of the fire compartment, and any interventions made by the fire brigade. The material used for the building must limit smoke produced when the building is burning. The fumes produced should not be toxic so as to allow the occupants to evacuate the building. 3.2.2 Compartment and Separation The floor area should be greater than the atria. An open area should be available near the building. This is to be used for evacuation purposes, access by the fire fighting vehicles and free from any kind of storage with exceptions for electricity substation and a pump house. A firewall constructed must meet the FRL requirements. The materials used should not easily collapse from the heat caused by fire. Since the lift will connect to more than two levels, it should be separated from the structure.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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BCA Compliance Engineering and Construction Essay Assignment.
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