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Tyre punctures - Assignment Example

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Tyre Punctures [Author] [Institution] Abstract The research paper aims to present the analysis of the tyre punctures that are observed around the world, especially in Saudi Arabia. Since the tyre manufacturing industry is the largest in Saudi Arabia, and the use of motor vehicles is one of the most common practices in the country, the use of quality tyres is also very important…
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Tyre punctures
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Download file to see previous pages Also, the causes and prevention of tyre punctures is discussed. Introduction A tyre puncture or a flat tyre is when the tyre starts riding on the rim of the wheel or the ground. This situation may cause potential damage to the tyre or the loss of control on the vehicle. Though it is a very common situation as it happened because of the everyday extensive usage of vehicles, it has serious consequences. Tyre punctures are easily repairable. They may happen most commonly in vehicles because of some sharp object that lets the air of the tyre release leaving it punctured. The tyre may be collapsed according to the size of the puncture, as the air may be released rapidly or slowly. Driving with a flat tyre can be very dangerous and may cause accidents. When a driver realizes that he has a punctured tyre, he should slow down and stop his car to get it repaired. According to one of the reports, 10% of motor vehicles were damaged because of a tyre puncture. Thus, to be able to drive safely and avoid tyre punctures, drivers should be aware and focus on the prevention of tyre punctures. One of the best ways to avoid the flat tyres is to drive on proper and safe roads. Drivers should avoid driving on rough roads, construction sites or over debris. These areas may contain objects that puncture the tyre. There may be other serious causes of tyre punctures. There is a valve stem in the tyre, and if there is a failure of or damage to the valve stem, the tyre can release the air and be punctured. Furthermore, there are also issues related to vandalism in which the air is intentionally released from the tyre. Excessive rubbing of the tyre with the road or a collision with any object can also cause the tyre to be punctured. Old tyres or over used tyres can be weak and can allow the rough roads to tear them up. Such tyres should be immediately changed for a better and safe driving (Freitag, 2002, p.8) Global Issues The tyres and their use is a global phenomenon. Not only are there common reasons and consequences related to the tyre punctures, in fact there are also many global issues that are associated with the use of tyres and tyre punctures. Healthy tyres are very important as they tend to allow the motor vehicles to be safe and lower the risk of tyre punctures. In Saudi Arabia we can see many of these global issues that can be related to the tyre punctures. Statistics show that Saudi Arabia was one of those countries where most road accidents and tyre damages have been seen. These are because of many reasons and causes. To start with, global weather is one of the main issues because of which tyres are damaged and punctured. Since tyres are filled with air, it is very important to manage the air in the tyre and the air pressure. If any part of this is affected, it will damage the tyre and more generally cause a tyre puncture. The global weather, specifically the changes in global weathers will deeply affect the tyres. There are summer impacts and winter impacts both. Tyres need to be safe and healthy so that there are less chances of risking motor vehicles on the roads. Good tyres will also prevent road accidents. Both the types of weathers can have different effects on the tyre. Thus, drivers should take every measure to prevent the tyres from damaging during the extreme weather. As the summer season starts, there are many warnings given to the drivers to prevent their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Tyre Punctures Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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