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ACT Test Scores Should Not Influence College Admission - Assignment Example

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In the following paper “ACT Test Scores Should Not Influence College Admission” the author considers how the archaic educational system of the United States has once again, brought a generation of future high school students to their knees. His claims are easily supported by recent studies…
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ACT Test Scores Should Not Influence College Admission
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Extract of sample "ACT Test Scores Should Not Influence College Admission"

Download file to see previous pages The reason for my academic hindrance? An ACT score of 21 is preventing me from attending my college program of choice, which requires an ACT score of 22 for admission. That said, I really cannot understand how a standardized test, which is not meant to measure my ability to succeed in my chosen college major, can prevent me from pursuing my academic dreams and hopes for future career success. Why should a government test score dictate my college future instead of the more reliable academic transcript and college entrance exams given by the university? ACT scores do not dictate the ability of a student to succeed or fail in college and anybody who believes it does is as archaic as the American academic system.
National Association for College Admission Counseling has uncovered that colleges have placed too much emphasis on these ACT and SAT test scores instead of concentrating on the ability of the student to learn and excel in his chosen field. An interest that can be best represented by their Advancement Placement exams and International Baccalaureate exams (Ramirez, Eddy “Report Says Test Scores Should Be Less Important in College Admissions”). As we all know, high schools across the country have since come under fire for seemingly spending too much time preparing for standardized testing, making sure that their students score highly in the ACT and SAT tests in order to ensure continued funding and high rankings for their schools on a nationwide scale. This concentration on standardized test performance has lowered the standard of education in the country immensely because the students do not really get to study anything else, other than those topics related to the standard tests. This is a disservice to the students and the preparation that education is supposed to give them for their futures. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(ACT Test Scores Should Not Influence College Admission Assignment, n.d.)
ACT Test Scores Should Not Influence College Admission Assignment.
(ACT Test Scores Should Not Influence College Admission Assignment)
ACT Test Scores Should Not Influence College Admission Assignment.
“ACT Test Scores Should Not Influence College Admission Assignment”.
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