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Advantages of Extensive Reading for the Students - Case Study Example

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The paper 'Advantages of Extensive Reading for the Students' presents people who are not native speakers in Eastern Europe where English is not widespread can be an interesting challenge. It presents Poland that became an EU member recently and in the process of development…
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Advantages of Extensive Reading for the Students
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Extract of sample "Advantages of Extensive Reading for the Students"

Download file to see previous pages Students will attend private school and would have English classes three times a week. I would create an English literature club in which students will be able to attend once a week and will use a reading circle as a model.
Extensive reading is a special approach to teaching a language during which students choose easy books and read for pleasure. The books are not complicated and the students can read them to capture some general meaning and just for entertainment. Students can stop reading if they find the information not actual and interesting.
Extensive reading is good for students of high school because most obviously it teaches them how to study autonomously. The educational process in school is different from that in the university because school usually provides students with manuals, literature, concrete instructions. In university, students learn how to search for information and analyze it. Extensive reading can be the first serious step on the way to college for high school students.
The most positive effect of reading is improving the level of English. Reading influences positively writing and comprehension skills because students get introduced to the vocabulary in the real context. Writing is improved as the students see how native speakers build phrases, connected them and create a narration.
Texts for reading must be chosen carefully and they will be able to provide students with the vocabulary they already know without too may new words and constructions. So extensive reading will help the students to repeat the material they learned in class but in a positive atmosphere. As vocabulary can be learned only by systematic repetition, extensive reading is the thing that will provide students with this possibility.
It will also be generally positive for high school students to extend their knowledge of the world with the help of carefully chosen books. It is one of the best and the most interesting ways to learn something new through the eyes of experienced authors.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Advantages of Extensive Reading for the Students Case Study.
(Advantages of Extensive Reading for the Students Case Study)
Advantages of Extensive Reading for the Students Case Study.
“Advantages of Extensive Reading for the Students Case Study”.
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