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Professional Rounds in Education - Book Report/Review Example

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The essay “Professional Rounds in Education” analyzes the book by Sarah E. Fiarman, which has been written with the intention to assist leaders who deal with matters of education. The book helps leaders in the field of education to develop a form of understanding that is shared…
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Professional Rounds in Education
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Extract of sample "Professional Rounds in Education"

Download file to see previous pages The book also provides an insight into how a high-quality instruction should look like as well as providing an insight on what the schools, as well as the districts, must do in order for it to have full support.
The authors of this book drew their inspiration from the models used by physicists in developing this book. Therefore, the book introduces a very different model called instructional rounds networks.
The book in suggesting models similar to those of the medical students, present a very powerful tool of instruction, which has been shown to be successful. This book will make you change your old methods of instructions and adopt them. Its a good book to read as well as a research reference. Furthermore, the book is good particular to administrators who want to try new methods from outside the education field in support of their teaching staff.
This book was written by, Lee Teitel and published in October 2013. In this book, Teitel provides a different view. In his book the author offers five studies that are detailed which are school-based. The author takes a critical learning from his five studies.
The author also employs one of the powerful learning tools in his Instructional tools, which are extensively covered in his book. His innovative instructional schools have been used by almost all district schools in the US and many parts of the world. In his book, the author points out that these instructional tools if employed to encompass teachers improves learning connection. The author offers other field for experimentation, which include frequent visits, including participants in diversified roles as well as modification of rounds of focus on work.
This book provides a good source of information for instructors working in instructional rounds.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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