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My Targets and Experience at a Placement Nursery - Personal Statement Example

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In the paper “My Personal Targets and Experience at a Placement Nursery” the author describes how he uses his experience gained from teaching in Congo to help the children with their tasks at school. The author is interested in working with children who are studying English as an Additional Language…
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My Personal Targets and Experience at a Placement Nursery
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Extract of sample "My Targets and Experience at a Placement Nursery"

Download file to see previous pages Also, I would like to know which of these activities are age-appropriate for the children, and whether the activities are going to improve their concentration and how long each activity is going to keep their interest. Additionally, I would like to improve the activity to make it better the next time it is repeated.
Furthermore, I would be keen to learn what language would be most effective to use to help children understand so that they are able to comprehend, follow instructions and ask questions. I would also assess them to see how previous knowledge can help them in new activities.
I would liaise with the class teachers in planning and delivering lessons through the interactive whiteboard (IWB). This will be helpful in teaching me a new technology, as in my own country I used the traditional blackboard and chalk.
After I am placed in a school, I will collect all the information required by the university in a folder. I also intend on familiarising myself and socializing with the pupils, staff, and parents, so as to be able to collect any information that may be helpful to me in the folder as well. Also, I intend on seeking permission to carry out two observations on different children in the Nursery for an allocated amount of time during school hours and days.
My experience at Colverstone Primary School was very informative. I was placed in the Nursery therein. There were 16 children who attended the Nursery full-time from 9.00 am to 3.25 pm, and 17 part-time children, out of which 9 attended morning sessions from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm and 8 attended afternoon. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(My Personal Targets and Experience at a Placement Nursery Statement, n.d.)
My Personal Targets and Experience at a Placement Nursery Statement.
(My Personal Targets and Experience at a Placement Nursery Statement)
My Personal Targets and Experience at a Placement Nursery Statement.
“My Personal Targets and Experience at a Placement Nursery Statement”.
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