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Effective and Ineffective Evaluation Tool - Assignment Example

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The project “Effective and Ineffective Evaluation Tool” includes the effective as well as ineffective assessment and evaluation tools as suggested by students in peer-reviewed journals. Various other relevant sources have also been used directly connected to the topic…
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Effective and Ineffective Evaluation Tool
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Extract of sample "Effective and Ineffective Evaluation Tool"

Download file to see previous pages It has been an endless matter of debate for decades as to which methods reap effective results and which not.
One of the most effective tools for assessing students’ annual performance has to the one with a more comprehensive approach. The feedback by the teachers is very crucial for the students. It is the assessment plan which is developed by the teachers upon the on-going students’ achievements throughout the course and not merely upon the written traditional examinations1. It is considered to be an effective assessment tool because it reflects directly on the teaching and learning process of the teachers and students respectively. Feedbacks also help the students to engage in reflective, constructive and analytical discussions as they get positive feedback from their teachers.2 The most valuable strength of this tool is the achievement of the ultimate goal of education i.e. lifelong learning process can be achieved as the feedbacks would enable students to become more vigilant and careful in their classes. They would also try harder to improve upon their deficiencies once suggested by their teachers.
As every good thing has a bad angle similarly the assessment tool of feedback from the teachers also has some limitations. But it all depends upon the attitude of the teacher.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Effective and Ineffective Evaluation Tool Assignment.
(Effective and Ineffective Evaluation Tool Assignment)
Effective and Ineffective Evaluation Tool Assignment.
“Effective and Ineffective Evaluation Tool Assignment”.
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