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The Evolution of a Multi-faceted VET Practitioner - Assignment Example

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"The Evolution of a Multi-faceted VET Practitioner" paper states that the VET practitioner, at present, has gained many more hats to wear. Not only is he constrained to be a trainer in alternative educational settings but also a valuable key player in industrial organizations…
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The Evolution of a Multi-faceted VET Practitioner
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Extract of sample "The Evolution of a Multi-faceted VET Practitioner"

Download file to see previous pages It all depends on the kind of training asked for. In the past, the Technical and Further Education (TAFE) fielded practitioners to groups needing trainers. However, currently, agencies and various groups have developed their own pool of VET trainers.

VET practitioners, in order to be efficient, need to be patient and compassionate to those they serve. Flexibility to adjust to their students or various circumstances is also key. Ethical awareness and recognition of the equality of educational provision reflect a commitment to education. Socially, having a healthy respect for individual differences and knowing when to give merit to those deserving of it earns them the trust of others. Their self-confidence, openness, and ability to work in a team make them agreeable to work with. Professionally, a commitment to the achievement of learning outcomes, problem-solving skills and a capacity to work autonomously make them a valuable member of the VET team.

Ideally, the VET practitioner should uphold values such as respect and commitment to individuals’ right to learn; integrity and fairness in decision making, industry, and responsibility for learning outcomes.

Chapell and Melville (1995) characterized VET professional competence as integrated into three domains namely “adult teaching and learning” or the combination of vocational, practical and experiential understanding with the theoretical knowledge of teaching and learning to come up with a positive and collaborative learning environment; “professional practice” or the critical examination of practical knowledge in vocational education and training and the elevation to the professionalism of teachers; and organizational development or the use of organizational policies and initiatives in supporting the needs of their learners.
Over the past ten years, reforms in VET practice, as endorsed by the Australian Quality Training Framework ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(The Evolution of a Multi-faceted VET Practitioner Assignment - 1, n.d.)
The Evolution of a Multi-faceted VET Practitioner Assignment - 1.
(The Evolution of a Multi-Faceted VET Practitioner Assignment - 1)
The Evolution of a Multi-Faceted VET Practitioner Assignment - 1.
“The Evolution of a Multi-Faceted VET Practitioner Assignment - 1”.
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