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UK Primary Education: ICT to Support and Enhance Learning and Teaching of Primary Mathematics - Term Paper Example

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"UK Primary Education: ICT to Support and Enhance Learning and Teaching of Primary Mathematics" paper discusses all advantages associated with the use of the CD_ROM materials and interactive whiteboards and understands that it limits personal contact between the teachers and the students…
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UK Primary Education: ICT to Support and Enhance Learning and Teaching of Primary Mathematics
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Extract of sample "UK Primary Education: ICT to Support and Enhance Learning and Teaching of Primary Mathematics"

Download file to see previous pages According to Bell (2004), in the United Kingdom, the government has implemented the Primary National Strategy which provides a framework for implementing ICT technology in learning. It has been recorded that primary schools have an average of 37 computers in each which are used by teachers and students in learning. There is great access to computers in secondary schools than in primary schools. It is also noted that the development of the use of ICT in teaching and learning in secondary schools is relatively more stable than in primary schools in the United Kingdom. This is perhaps due to the trickle-down effect. The trend is catching up well in primary schools which have established computer laboratories to offer ICT learning to the pupils. This trend is expected to grow as more and more teachers and parents come to realize and appreciate the effect that ICT has on the pupils leaning.

Sefton (2004) stresses that, in enhancing the learning of mathematic, the National Strategy for primary schools in 2006, came up with a Primary framework for literacy and mathematics which tends to upgrade the earlier strategy of 1999. It comes in with new methods of teaching and learning literacy and mathematics. The new strategy is aimed at eroding the workload of teachers and students as well. It is bound to raise the morale of students in learning literacy and numeric studies by presenting the concepts in a simple and interesting way.

According (2002), the role that can be played by ICT in the education sector cannot be dismissed. It can play a big role in helping students understand mathematics which is seen as a hard subject to many. ICT plays a great role in learning mathematics aspects of modeling, estimating, validating, hypothesizing, and also in sourcing for reference materials. This makes it easy for pupils to understand all the operations since ICT can create an easy way of integrating different mathematical operations. For example, it makes it easy to multiply, divide, or subtract a mathematic problem using the same software being used. This makes it easy for the student to solve a complex mathematical problem. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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UK Primary Education: ICT to Support and Enhance Learning and Teaching Term Paper.
(UK Primary Education: ICT to Support and Enhance Learning and Teaching Term Paper)
UK Primary Education: ICT to Support and Enhance Learning and Teaching Term Paper.
“UK Primary Education: ICT to Support and Enhance Learning and Teaching Term Paper”.
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