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Transfer and Studies - Essay Example

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From this paper, it is clear that I am a first generation American who had been attending the law school at Seattle, Washington, till my second year. I had to discontinue my studies for a year during childbirth. The situation that calls for a transfer is as follows…
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Transfer and Studies
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Download file to see previous pages I would be grateful to you if you would take my case on humanitarian grounds and take the necessary steps to sanction the transfer to a school at California as soon as possible.
The situation that calls for a transfer is as follows. I could pursue my studies at the school in Seattle only till the third semester because I was expecting my child during that period. I finished the third semester while I was expecting the child. My family and the father of my child work and live in California. This made it difficult for me to attend the school, as I had to fly back and forth from southern California and Seattle on weekend all through my third semester. I had to take a year off from school afterward, as I gave birth to my child. As I continue to stay with my family at California, it puts me in a position to resume the pattern of flying back and forth between southern California and Seattle. This may not be an ideal situation for me and my infant. As a first generation American, I need to follow the family values in our culture that demands a situation where the child grows up among both the paternal and maternal relatives. The father of my child works at Southern California, and if I continue my studies at Seattle, it would mean that the family is separated. Moreover, the financial burden will be much heavier for us to handle, since I will have to use the flight more frequently. I am the first in my family to attend law school, and I realize the significance of my studies and am very keen on completing the course. Therefore, I would like to get a transfer to a school in California, where I can pursue my studies diligently, as it would not create any difficulty for me as a mother and a student. I hope you will try to understand my situation and necessitate a transfer as per my request. My grades were affected during the third semester when I had to travel a lot for attending the classes.     I put before you the humble request to consider my case on humanitarian grounds, as the decision to have a child at this stage was unavoidable due to some health reasons. At the same time, I am keen on pursuing my studies in the best way possible and look forward to developing a good career in law. I hope you will consider this matter seriously and comprehend the good intention and dedication that prompts me to request a transfer to a school in California.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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