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Students Underachieve in Physical Education - Assignment Example

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This assignment "Students Underachieve in Physical Education" discusses the issues related to underachieving students and the importance of physical education. The writer proposes several strategies that can be used to motivate students and improve their study efficiency…
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Students Underachieve in Physical Education
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Extract of sample "Students Underachieve in Physical Education"

Download file to see previous pages The fears are aplenty with regards to these children. One such fear is that less and less time will be allotted to their physical activity and even recess which will in turn refuel their obesity and other epidemics concerned with the physical and mental side of the body. Several critics have also raised hue and cry to the already underway American campaign by the name of ‘No Child Left Behind’ and have replaced the same as ‘No Child Let Outside’.
Several students enrolled in several different schools and colleges of the world go through a lot of mental and physical agony. This anxiety is due to the physical education that is put on their young shoulders by their teachers, physical instructors and fitness experts. However it is for their good to realize that a physically fit individual contributes in a much better and positive fashion than a weak and lazy soul. Also the need of the hour is to draw a line as to where the students must not be forced into and how much of physical education is good for them, both in terms of mental stress and physical pain. Webb (1999) believes that under-achieving in this area does not come as a surprise since physical education requires a lot of discipline and only those people, both young ones and adults alike, who adhere to diet control and intake of balanced diets as well as work out regularly can win over their weaknesses.
The National Association for Sports and Physical Education of late has come with a solution in the form of offering booklets and leaflets which in essence play their due role at describing the physical education practices that have been sought in the best interests of these very children. These booklets and leaflets have for that matter comprised of instructions regarding the curriculum design, learning experience, fitness activities, fitness testing, assessment, participation levels, etc. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Students Underachieve in Physical Education Assignment.
(Students Underachieve in Physical Education Assignment)
Students Underachieve in Physical Education Assignment.
“Students Underachieve in Physical Education Assignment”.
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