COE Framework And Ethical Dispositions Comparison Matrix - Assignment Example

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"Learners will apply theoretical concepts learned in coursework to field-based learning opportunities that focus on observation, participation, application, leadership, and reflection in real world settings." COE-GCU Framework, 2011)…
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COE Framework And Ethical Dispositions Comparison Matrix
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Comparison of overlapping ments regarding teacher ethics Priority of specific ethical disposition/protocol and rationale "The professional educator applies for, accepts, or assigns a position or responsibility by professional qualifications, and adheres to the terms of a contract or appointment." (AAE, 2015).
"Learners will apply theoretical concepts learned in coursework to field-based learning opportunities that focus on observation, participation, application, leadership, and reflection in real world settings." COE-GCU Framework, 2011).
Priority: 1
I have ranked Leadership as the number one most important ethical disposition. This is because a good leader is versatile and will surely make a good professional educator as well. Leadership, therefore, will automatically raise the moral consciousness and responsibility within an individual. The basic learning opportunities such as participation, leadership, and reflection a learner get before becoming a professional educator, is imperative in ensuring he or she becomes a motivator of any process. In one study, "It was established that followers moralize their leader and that the moralization produces two distinct motivations. (1) Motivation to maintain moral self-regard and responsibility and (2) motivation to maintain a moral reputation (Fehr, Yam & Dang, 2015).
“The professional educator endeavors to present facts without distortion, bias or personal prejudice.” (AAE, 2015).
“Learners will master the content they intend to teach and will be able to explain its important principles and concepts.” (COE-GCU Framework, 2011)
Priority: 2
I have ranked the issue of Mastery of Content at number two because these are the fundamentals of any successful learning program. For professional educators to align themselves with facts and deliver without bias, a mastery of important concepts and principles is key. According to Mowchan et al. (2015), "Any professional service provider, in this case, professional educators, should conduct business with objectivity, avoiding conflict of interest or personal prejudice and should not intentionally mislead others, for this case students."
"The professional educator endeavors to understand and respect the values and traditions of the diverse cultures represented in the community and his or her classroom." (AAE, 2015).
“Learners will align educational objectives to content and professional education standards, as well as design formative and summative assessments including rubrics that analyze student learning and teacher effectiveness.” (COE-GCU Framework, 2011)
Priority: 3
I have rated Student Learning and Teacher effectiveness at number three because this relationship fosters coherence and important shared values. The professional educator can be able to understand the diversity of cultures through such formative assessments that are more certainly than not set by both parties. In a research conducted by Cannaerts et al., 2014 indicated that ethics education was best attained through ethics learning integrated through a curriculum that was learner based. Learning based on diversity of views enhances active participation that is more efficient (Ann, 2013).
“The professional educator does not interfere with a colleague’s freedom of choice, and works to eliminate coercion that forces educators to support actions and ideologies that violate individual professional integrity.” (AAE, 2015).
“Learners will be able to develop meaningful learning experiences that improve student learning and achievement, collaborative with other education professionals, and reflect on their practice.” (COE-GCU Framework, 2011)
Priority: 4
Collaboration amongst Education Professionals gets a rank number four since its paramount to any meaningful coexistence. Though not as important as the rest, its through these collaborations that professional integrity is conserved and a true reflection on practice attained. Synergism around the workplace emerged and affirmed by such professional solidarity. It is the case of the "whole being better than the sum of its parts." Ethics that protects individuals integrity violation becomes, therefore, mandatory for professionals working in the same field builds relations with one another (Baykara et al., 2015).
Ann, J. (2013). New practitioner’s forum. Journal of Health – Syst. – pharm 70: 754-757.
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