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In doing this, the paper defines social justice and the pattern of distribution of resources in the society. Additionally the paper discusses the position of deaf students in the society, their…
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Social justice
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Social justice Question: What is social Justice? How is social justice related to language rights? What do you think about language rights and deaf students?
This paper discusses the concept of social justice in relation to language rights. In doing this, the paper defines social justice and the pattern of distribution of resources in the society. Additionally the paper discusses the position of deaf students in the society, their vulnerability and the influence their state has on the pattern of social justice in the society. At the end of the paper, I give my thoughts on language rights of deaf students.
Social justice just as the name suggests is a social concept that refers to the fairness that exists in the distribution of resources, privileges and wealth in a society. As such, social justice should ensure that every member in the society lives a fulfilling life. Social justice often occurs in the forms of various rights enjoyed by the people. A society should therefore have appropriate institutions to protect the rights of the people. Language is a fundamental tool that enhances social interactions. As such, language rights refer to the ability of the members of a society to use language freely in enhancing their communications. Every member in the society has a right to a language or two (Tania & Cornelius, 2008) (Page# 66 Lines# 117-119). Mother tongue is a primary language for example that everyone must use effectively by the virtue of existing in a society. The society has effective institutions that protect and progressively advance the growth of languages. From the family institution to schools among other similar institutions, people learn and perfect their skills in various languages thereby enhancing their communication skills.
While able-bodied individuals enjoy expressive use of language, the deaf on the other hand remain marginalized and their language rights often ignored. Deaf people constitute a vulnerable minority group in the society. Most societies do not always consider and safeguard their language rights. The deaf communicate in signs and symbols. Deaf students therefore go to special schools where they learn how to communicate in their special languages. They therefore become proficient communicators but only with other deaf individuals. The able-bodied individuals in the society often do not strive to learn the sign language a feature that develops a primary incompatibility in communication thus communication breakdown. Deaf children born of deaf parents learn the language from their parents and therefore enjoy effective communication from early ages. In fact, such children develop faster than normal children born of deaf parents do (Bouvet, 2014) (Page# 124 Lines# 10-12). This arises from the fact that such children lack a person to teach them language.
In retrospect, language is an essential aspect of the society that enjoys effective protection through the various institutions. However, language rights of the deaf remain limited in most societies owing to their vulnerability. The fact that rest of the society does not learn sign language makes it difficult for the deaf to communicate with the rest of the society. Their ability and right to the use of language thus remains ineffective even with literate deaf people (Mulhke, 2000) (Page# 722 Lines# 8-12). In such circumstances, the deaf remain marginalized.
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