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From the paper "Impressions of Syllabus" it is clear that the syllabus suggests that the developers have not only carefully selected the course content, but have also planned and scheduled the delivery by students at different points throughout the course. …
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Impressions of Syllabus
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Extract of sample "Impressions of Syllabus"

The contents have been prudently chosen to match the linguistic and intellectual needs of not only the native English speakers but also international students. The topics and readings were chosen sound quite interesting and engaging for the students which would help improve their interest in the course. I am particularly excited to find exercises that require students’ response to the readings. Quite often, I disagree with the writers and many times, I feel that the writers of novels and scripts tend to project their personal opinions in their texts. Those opinions are understandably motivated by their personal experiences, but the writers tend to make a biased approach about discussing the subjects. Such exercises would provide me with a platform to criticize the writers and project my own response to their texts, which would be satiating and interesting. The grading as mentioned in the syllabus is well-suited to a class at the college level and does justice to the activities both that are conducted within the class and outside. Another very appealing aspect of the syllabus is the fact that the professor has clearly outlined the assignments’ criteria and formats right from the beginning. This will help the students develop their assignments to the point. Also, the grading will be fair as everybody would have submitted the assignments in the same format. The syllabus addressed the requirements of a college-level English program and is centered around a range of essentials that include but are not limited to the research process, finding and quoting credible sources, mechanics of writing, and developing an understanding of diction and rhetoric. I am eagerly looking forward to the leadership roles my classmates and I will be assigned by the professor in the class. Such activities not only enhance group skills in the students but also instil the confidence in them to do well in public situations where they have to make presentations individually or lead a discussion.  Read More
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(Impressions of Syllabus Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Impressions of Syllabus Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Impressions of Syllabus Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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