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Language Learning and Elementary School Curriculum - Annotated Bibliography Example

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This paper “Language Learning and Elementary School Curriculum” is all about language learning for young learners and its relevance to the school curriculum. The connection between language learning and the elementary curriculum was outlined using models, learning contents…
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Language Learning and Elementary School Curriculum
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Extract of sample "Language Learning and Elementary School Curriculum"

Download file to see previous pages It is appropriate, hence, that the chapter included several empirical pieces of evidence that supported the theories. For example, they explained why assessment is necessary or why particular components of such assessment are critical. This allowed a better understanding of the imperative for a "connection" between language learning and language learning the elementary curriculum.
Following an inductive approach to content, it began with the general theories of communication and then proceeded on specifying models and strategies. This is great for instructors who are interested using the multidimensional "interactive approach" in developing listening, reading and viewing in learners. The chapter is particularly useful in developing unique instruction strategies that are tailored for a diverse set of learners. There are several sub-strategies and components that are further contextualized according to reading, listening and viewing, for instance, that could be combined in order to come up with the effective program or instruction plan. A critical dimension of this chapter is how it covered and addressed challenges such as anxiety and other factors that impact learners interaction with texts.
 Tackling the issues concerning teaching grammar, this chapter offers an interesting approach to achieving better learning outcomes. The key concept was the "dialogic approach" wherein the subject is taught using cultural stories. This is quite interesting for those who are exposed to the traditional teaching model for grammar with the focus teaching grammatical rules as opposed to a focus on form. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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