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Strengthening the effectiveness of curriculum - Assignment Example

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On that note, the manner in which we use to facilitate this important sphere of life is what determines the effectiveness of education in the promotion of the…
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Strengthening the effectiveness of curriculum
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Download file to see previous pages Notably, due to the rapidly dynamic world which can be described as changing always, it is important to review the curriculum in education sector in order to ensure that it conforms with the changes in the world and society as a whole. On the contrary, this paper majorly focuses on way in which the curriculum can be strengthened effectiveness of the curriculum in Indiana. In addition to that, we are also to reflect on the relevance of state testing the content in the curriculum basing our reference in a bid to ensure that the students potential are adequately tapped to facilitate there success(Masters, 1997). On that note, the subsequent sections of this paper will be aimed at answering three important questions pertaining to this area in the educational sector.
Evidently, in our district the curriculum in English is well document in the educational act in our state. Apparently, the standards set for the English curriculum are founded of some core fundamental principles which are: reading, writing, speaking and listening, language, media and technology(English, 2008). These goals are aimed at ensuring that the students are prepared adequately for the career and college literate as they clear their high school. First and foremost, reading entails, as the student increases in grade the complexity of the same increase. On that note, the comprehension in the reading is also expected in the curriculum on the part of the student(Masters, 1997). Notably, the policy of our district postulates that in the grade ten level of the student should have advanced reading skills and therefore, appropriate literature of adequate complexity should be used for teaching purposes(Ferlazzo, 2010). In addition to that, the laws also go ahead to even specify the required books for the teaching in schools.Evidently, the choice of these books is done by professionals and is drawn on the basis of improving the language skills of the student while at the same time is to be tested in form of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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