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Synthesis of Educational Theory Domain - Research Paper Example

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To achieve this, I will review the past educational trends, some of the benefits of the old system, and their shortcomings, to the current state of affairs. The paper will address various factors affecting the education sector such as teachers; standards of education; high…
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Synthesis of Educational Theory Domain
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Download file to see previous pages ivity existing in the private sector so as to develop the schools in America, enabling them produce quality graduates to propel the economy of the nation. This will also help the graduates adapt well to the constant changing technological environment. The 21st century labor force should not have to work with an educational system of the 20th century if the nation is to achieve economic prosperity. Although, transforming the education system to be in line with the changing environment, needs an elementary shift in the education system starting with pre-K up to the higher education level.
Up to now, people have lacked the audacity and flexibility to implement the necessary changes in the education sector. People need to re-evaluate themselves, and ask themselves if this is the time to bring the necessary change that is going to transform the education sector for the benefit of the future generation. This is irrespective of the uneasiness people may feel now. To address these changes, the following are essential factors to consider (Bushaw & Lopez, 2012).
Redesigning the way the school system is formulated is essential. This will enable students use less time in pursuing their dreams and at the same time be successful. The old system might not be easily altered or adopted in today’s high-tech environment, and the grading system (diplomas and grade level) seems to limit success. For instance, let’s visualize a system where students do not have to be categorized according to the level of grade reached but on the basis of their skills and knowledge levels. This system might be efficient in rewarding talent and hard work. However, implementation of such measures will necessitate the handling of very difficult questions. If football clubs can enroll stars directly from high school, why can not ICT corporations like IBM do the same?
Also, it is necessary to identify the future implications of embracing technology in the education system. This seems not to be a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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