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Students with Vision Impairments, another for Physical and Health Disabilities & Severe Disabilities - Research Paper Example

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Accommodations for students with various disabilities are considered to be essential for their educational process since they are unable to effectively learn when methods in teaching normal students which take into account the use of all senses plus average cognitive abilities…
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Students with Vision Impairments, another for Physical and Health Disabilities & Severe Disabilities
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Extract of sample "Students with Vision Impairments, another for Physical and Health Disabilities & Severe Disabilities"

ROOM ACCOMMODATIONS FOR WITH SPECIAL NEEDS room Accommodations for with Special Needs Accommodations for with various disabilities are considered to be essential for their educational process since they are unable to effectively learn when methods in teaching normal students which take into account the use of all senses plus average cognitive abilities suited for their age. According to the Department of Disability Services (2014) of the Texas A&M University, in providing classroom accommodations, it addresses the students’ disability and understanding their limitations can help them learn and achieve mastery of course objectives. This is also agreed upon by Support Services Office of Tyler Junior College in Tyler, Texas mentions that it is important to provide accommodations for students with disabilities since it is a part of providing equal opportunities for education without being held back by disabilities (Support Services Office, 2010). In reading the rationale for giving accommodations for students with disabilities, I have learned that they are also capable of learning just like normal people, and as such it is of utmost importance that their conditions be understood so that they can show others that they can learn and be productive despite their disabilities.
There are different classroom accommodations suitable for the students’ needs and depending on the kind of disability that they have. In Texas A&M University, students with visual impairments are allowed accommodations such as recorded lectures either by the instructor or by the students since they could repeat the lessons as needed and not have to rely on their limited sight. Another of the school’s accommodation but for students with physical and health disabilities is allowing assignments to be submitted in electronic formats. This can greatly assist students unable to make handwritten assignments (physical disability) or are frequently absent due to chronic medical conditions. Meanwhile, Tyler Junior college allows students with severe disabilities extended time accommodations, especially during exams since these students usually take longer time to finish activities compared to other students. Such procedures are given to measure a student’s knowledge objectively without being hindered by the disability (Support Services Office, Tyler Junior College, 2010).
Having facilities and other forms of assistance available for students with different kinds of disabilities as well as listing other additional strategies to support their education while on campus makes both the Department of Disability Services of the Texas A&M University and Tyler Junior College Handbook reliable sources. It is possible to improve learning methods for students with vision impairments by providing them pre-recorded lectures at the beginning of the week, students with physical and health disabilities can benefit from simply submitting all paper works through email, and for students with severe disabilities to be given more lenience in extended time not just in exams but also in other activities with deadlines.
Department of Disability Services, Texas A&M University. (2014). Faculty Guide: Teaching & Interacting with Students with Disabilities. Retrieved from Disability Services - Division of Student Affairs:
Support Services Office, Tyler Junior College in Tyler. (2010). Handbook for educational accessibility for students with disabilities. Retrieved from Read More
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Students With Vision Impairments, Another for Physical and Health Research Paper.
“Students With Vision Impairments, Another for Physical and Health Research Paper”, n.d.
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