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Successful interview with SABIC - Essay Example

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In the paper “Successful interview with SABIC” the author says about his successful interview with one of the largest companies in Saudi Arabia, SABIC in Saudi Arabia Riyadh. The great turn in his life is linked with the success in this most contested job…
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Successful interview with SABIC
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Extract of sample "Successful interview with SABIC"

Successful interview with SABIC
My name is Meshaal Alharbi. Since the year 2011, my life has indeed transformed, thanks to my successful interview with one of the largest companies in Saudi Arabia, SABIC in Saudi Arabia Riyadh. The great turn in my life is linked with the success in this most contested job by a huge percentage of qualified interviews, who in my opinion were equally qualified for the job. However, I happened to be the most preferable candidate for the job, and that day lingers in my mind till date. The interview took place in 2011, with the major parties involved including two of my best friends, my lovely brother and I. The interviewers included four managers, the supervisor, the superintendent and an officer responsible for analyzing interviewees’ personalities.
In one word, I would term the entire experience, a magnificent one. The incident was marked with a lot of challenges, but I managed to get the best out of the opportunity at hand. With the help of my brother, I faced the panel with a lot of confidence. At one moment, my patience was tried with some of their questions. However, as my brother advised, it was my role to ensure that I maintain calm at all times, as that was the onset of the journey towards my career. The panel asked me of the color of the wall behind me, which was quite puzzling. It was clear that the paint of the wall behind me was the same as the one in front of me, and I simply played with their minds by answering that it is the same as the one in front of me.
The day was actually good despite the challenges since I had prepared well for the interview. This preparation gave me the confidence I needed to face the panel and present my abilities and skills. Prior to the interview, I had the information that 20 people were already set for the day. This would cause some discomfort for any normal human. Worse still, the company only had the place for only 3 individuals. This means that one’s efforts would save them. I thank my brother for his contribution to my success, as he had information on companies and advised me on how to answer the panel’s questions. Specifically, he advised that I do not fret to say that I did not have information on some questions asked. I actually applied his rule to the Chemistry and the general questions asked. Even with the threat that they would post me to another city to work, I agreed with the panel and said I was prepared for any encounter.
The interview ended well as the company accepted me for the job. This happened the following day when I received a call from the manager. This was a merry day for me. I later met the manager who was very friendly. The manager attested to the panel’s testing my personality, especially from one of the silent members in the panel. He claimed that I was the best and that they were looking forward to my term with them.
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(Successful Interview With SABIC Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Successful Interview With SABIC Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Successful Interview With SABIC Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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