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Education as Initiation - Assignment Example

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The paper "Education as Initiation" describes that schooling inculcates the relevant values to students. Learners, irrespective of the level or field of study, obtain the societal values. These values are acceptable in the society as they prepare the students for future or rather initiate the learner into his or her place in the society. …
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Education as Initiation
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"Education as Initiation"

Download file to see previous pages Peters (1965) presents the idea of education as initiation. In his book, he describes the teacher as an initiator of education and the students as aspirants. His work revolves around the process of being initiated into a given tradition whereby the values of this tradition are passed along. In addition, the author elaborates several education criteria depending on nature of students: Firstly, a state of mind that is desirable develops a valuable aspect that must be initiated. Secondly, education implies that one is being brought into the light because he or she possesses the appropriate skill or knowledge in a manner that involves some degree of understanding. Thirdly, education will always involve seeing everything that is happening in a broader perspective. This implies a cognitive awareness that relates to other fields; knowing what and how.
From Plato’s point of view, the goal of schooling is simply to enlighten the mind. Induction prepares a learner by providing brief ideas about the covered information in a particular field. In addition, Plato believes that schooling imparts the knowledge of reality to learners. Learners are always taught what is real or rather the things they will face in the major task. For Instance, when an induction is performed for students in a mathematics class, it gives them an outline of the things they should expect during the entire course. This is outline is real as it is a forecast of the entire subject.
Lastly, schooling inculcates the relevant values to students. Learners, irrespective of the level or field of study, obtain the societal values. These values are acceptable in the society as they prepare the students for future or rather initiate the learner into his or her place in the society. Therefore, all these are related to the concept of schooling for induction as it prepares the students for what is ahead. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Education As Initiation Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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