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Transforming Pedagogy to Transform Learning - Research Paper Example

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This research paper “Transforming Pedagogy to Transform Learning” intends to discuss on the instructional strategies which are acquired to impart knowledge effectively to a diverse culture of learners. The concept of Standards of learning will be taken into concern…
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Transforming Pedagogy to Transform Learning
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"Transforming Pedagogy to Transform Learning"

Download file to see previous pages With this concern, the research paper intends to discuss on the instructional strategies which are acquired to impart knowledge effectively to a diverse culture of learners. In this regard, the concepts of ‘Standards of learning’ (SOLs) and ‘Common Core Standards’ (CCS) will be taken into concern. Moreover, research-based multicultural instructional strategies will be emphasized in this research paper. Additionally, CDLF questionnaire will be formulated with the intention of determining the effectiveness of multicultural instruction or cultural awareness of the instructors. Besides, an annotated bibliography will also be performed in this particular research paper within the circumstance of multicultural instructional practices. It has been apparently observed that different higher education institutions adopt along with execute certain effective policies, frameworks and principles on the basis of which the teaching and learning process is executed. Moreover, the higher education institutions formulate effectual curriculum and practices based on the requirements of the students or learners in this 21st century. The teachers are perceived to be adopting various techniques of classroom management as well as instructional strategies with the objective of improving the cultural beliefs and values of students within the context of a diverse cultural classroom. The students develop their capabilities to select and use suitable strategies so that they can achieve their requirements.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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