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What is Great about Studying in the UK - Assignment Example

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The paper "What is Great about Studying in the UK?" is based on the core motivation why students ought to study in the United Kingdom (Barron, 2003). Four distinct places in the United Kingdom are paid attention. They include London, Birmingham, Manchester and Huddersfield…
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What is Great about Studying in the UK
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"What is Great about Studying in the UK"

Download file to see previous pages A research was conducted in the maintenance of the project. The feedback results aided in the project analysis. The topic under research was; “What is great about studying in the UK in general?” A leaflet was designed with an intention of convincing students from other countries to come to the UK to learn for a degree. Superiority and efficiency of the pamphlet were possible by the use of surveys, published brochures containing similar data and questionnaires. Four locations were the centre of attention, mainly the student benefit in terms of culture and study atmosphere. Sixteen random students were selected and given identical evaluation sheets to complete in regard to completion of the survey. The random students were also given each a sample of the pamphlet created so as to give accurate information. The evaluation sheet was anonymous; students’ names, sex, and age were not included. Overall experience in regard to the brochure blueprint was enquired. Ten questions were provided with each of which was rated as per the evaluation scale created. The rating scale was as follows: excellent (4), good (3), fair (2) and poor (1). There was a comment tab after each question. Two additional questions were at the end of the evaluation scale, founded on the improvement of the brochure (Stake, 1996).
Comments from the evaluation sheets revealed information on the brochure created. According to an average analysis of the rating sheet, most students love the idea of studying in the UK. Information from the evaluation sheets created revealed that improvement measures for the brochure created included the following: more picture addition, add links to campus websites, admission criteria, and more information on courses available.
More than 100,000 international students reside in London as it is the initially preferred city of choice. These students hail from more than 200 diverse homelands.Manchester is the subsequent favored city in the United Kingdom. The third city of choice in Birmingham while the fourth preferred city is Huddersfield. These cities consist of universities which offer quality education with well trained and dedicated staff members, affordable education as preferred to other countries, and a welcoming diverse environment. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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