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During that time, young women from countries that had fallen under the control of the Japanese government were abducted into slavery as ‘comfort women.’ Comfort…
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Download file to see previous pages She says “I could not resist the soldiers because they might kill me. So what else could I do?” (Henson 36). She had to endure all the hardship together with other women who had been abducted.
The Japanese Imperial army had set up com garrisons which housed sex slaves or comfort women, a term commonly used to refer to these women. Slavery as commonly known, the victim is always taken against their will and forced to work or perform acts against their will. Comfort women did not have any control over their sexual activity as all they had to do was to follow orders. These women had to endure painful ordeals of being raped and hit by soldiers. The trauma Maria experienced as a comfort woman affected her for the rest of her life. She notes that one day while she was hanging some clothes to dry, she heard a woman on the radio talking about women who had been raped and her body shook all over (Henson 83). Sexual slavery is a very profound theme in this book and given that it is a woman’s firsthand experience, one gets to see just how much it affects the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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