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Teen Moms - Term Paper Example

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Technically, minor girls who become mothers are known as teenage mothers. As a community, teenage mothers are an increasing population all across the globe. United States in reported to have the largest number of…
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Teen Moms
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"Teen Moms"

Download file to see previous pages It is quite evident from the available literature that the incidents of adolescents giving birth have been increasing. The biological and economic consequences of teenage pregnancy and parenthood have been largely studied. However, these conclusions confirming its negative impacts have to a large extent influenced the social perception on teenage mothers. It has been established that both the mothers and children in the discussed population are underprivileged due to various reasons. As motherhood limits their scope of further education, resultantly hindering their access to good employment, the chances of these mothers remaining underprivileged is large. Thus the inherent consequences of teen motherhood remain to be same across generations. Wiemann, Rickert, Berenson, & Volk (2005) confirms this argument as they observe that despite the increased visibility of teen mothers and unmarried teen pregnancy, the social stigma around ten mother are significant. Interestingly, there are opinions which connect to the reciprocal effect of this stigmatization. This school of thought suggests that stigmatization would ultimately result in the positive consequence of reduced teen pregnancies. However, the implications that this futuristic philosophy can have on the present generation of the target population is overseen. In other words, the teen mothers will be socially marginalized. This in no sense is justified in a civilized society. There are several researches which suggest that this stigmatization add to the challenges which they are going through due to their underprivileged social context.
A very important factor that has to be considered while understanding the larger social effects posed upon teen mothers is their perception of the societal attitude towards them. The aspect of stigmatization has to be considered in this respect. It has been ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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