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LP - Assignment Example

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Write on the blackboard what they know, while prompting them and offering ideas and comments as needed. Repeat the process for a discussion of other math’s…
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Extract of sample "LP"

Math’s Lesson Plan Anticipatory Set In the Anticipatory Set section, you outline what you will say and/or present to your before the direct instruction of the lesson begins
Remind the children of math’s problems and equations they have studied earlier.
Ask the class to raise their hands to contribute to a discussion of what they already know about the math problem. Write on the blackboard what they know, while prompting them and offering ideas and comments as needed. Repeat the process for a discussion of other math’s problems. Point out major similarities and differences.
Tell the children that it is important to learn about equations and math’s problems because we use them in our daily lives.
Sampling means posing questions to the total group, allowing them time to think, and then calling on class members representative of the ability strata of the group (most able, average, least able). This process focuses everyone on the generation of an answer and develops student readiness to hear an affirmation or challenge of his/her answer. It should be noted that at the beginning of learning, correct answers are most enabling. Therefore, it is recommended that the teacher at first call on able students to avoid incorrect answers, which can "pollute" the learning that results from this approach.
Math Maps
A great example of this can be found in Toms Math Maps. Math Maps are Google Maps on which Tom and others have created place marks which when clicked reveal mathematics questions for students to answer based on the maps. There are questions available for every elementary school grade level. The place marks are color-coded to indicate the level of the questions. Blue = Kindergarten, Red = 1st grade, Green = 2nd grade, Light Blue = 3rd grade, Yellow = 4th grade, Purple = 5th grade. Math Maps is a great way for students to see examples of mathematics in the real world. Math Maps  have a fun scavenger hunt feel. For students older than elementary school, you might want to consider having them create their own Math Maps as a way to demonstrate their knowledge of mathematics in the real world
Group Choral Response; the teacher presents a question to the total group and gives thinking time, the strength of a choral response indicates the general degree of student accuracy and comfort with the learning.
Individual Private Response; A brief written or whispered-to-teacher response (when the teacher is moving about the room from desk to desk, table to table) makes students accountable for demonstrating possession of, or progress toward, achievement of the needed information or skill
The students can then be given a simple 30 minutes math’s quiz to act as a formative assessment which will help the teacher identify their strengths and weaknesses and target areas that need work and recognize where students are struggling and address problems immediately .
Larry Zafran, 2011 Math Made a Bit Easier Lesson Plans: A Guide for Tutors, Parents, and Homeschoolers, 3RD edition. Read More
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LP Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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