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Integrated Math and Science Unit Plan - Essay Example

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Integrated Math and Science Unit Plan Instructor: Date: Integrated Math and Science Unit Plan Introduction Unit planning for the elementary classroom is intended to aid in implementation of learning standards for integrated Math (NSCT) and Science (NSCES)…
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Integrated Math and Science Unit Plan
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"Integrated Math and Science Unit Plan"

Download file to see previous pages The topics of study including percentages, decimals, and fractions should be referenced by use of integrated math and science standards. This helps in the presentation of the vital information in a way that is sequential, logical, meaningful, and organised way. Instructors need to employ standards, which will help lesson planning to identify important understanding, description of intellectual skills under the definition of vital content the learners require. This framework describes in great depth the content that instructors should employ in teaching. Instructors are advised to adapt and modify the activities to satisfy needs of the learner. However, most activities are associated to elementary level; they are not aimed at adding up to the entire curriculum for percentages, decimals, and fractions at this level. Unit lesson plans Unit plans involve lessons plan that aid in the saving of time as the sequential order creates organization hence time saving. In this paper, integrated math and science unit plan will emphasize on the welfare of different learners, both gifted and the disabled. The activities will outline what is required of the learners and the expectations of the teacher after each lesson. Five lesson plans will be prepared on the following topics: percentages, decimals and fractions. ...
al groups, formal, and informal assessment related to the set objectives, formative, authentic and summative assessments, and should allow for reflection of the student. Lesson plan 1 Objective: By the end of the lesson, the learner should know the correlation of the instructional activities to the topic being taught. Activity Give each student different coloured balls about twenty in number. Ask the students to identify the total number of each ball out of the lot you gave out. Give them time to work this out. After a while, ask them to represent the number of each ball out of the total number of balls in the classroom. As a second activity, give out about a hundred books to the students not putting into account whether it is a storybook, a diary or an exercise book. Ask the students to collect the books into portions or rather sections as per the type; storybook, textbook, diary or a notebook. Confirm with the students if it is possible to relate the total number of a given book to the whole group of books dished out at first time (our total was a hundred books). Remind the learners that, in this lesson they will use the representation of the number of each ball against the total number of balls given out first (this will demonstrate the fraction bit of the lesson). (Study the objectives again with the learners.) After completion of the second activity, ask the students to represent the number of each book type that they collected, (this activity is to be done in groups) against the total number of books given out originally. This will demonstrate the percent part of the topic being taught. (Confirm again the objective of the unit plan with the learners.) A third and final activity will include working out of the values got from the first two activities by division. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Integrated Math and Science Unit Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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