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The first way is through requesting the children to represent what they think or remember about the topic. The children may do this by painting, drawing or by sharing what they know…
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Download file to see previous pages The teacher should show the children how to illustrate what they have learned by comparison, counting and measuring by incorporating in charts, diagrams and graphs. The children should be allowed to display, organize and label the photos or drawings of what they learned in the field. They should also be supplied with clay, wires, assorted boxes and fabric for them to display or represent their findings and ideas. The teacher should also help the children to learn and understand the mistakes they did as they are representing their ideas.
Lastly, for being a teacher to encourage his children in the ways to represent their ideas; He or she should teach the children finger plays and songs that are related to what they are being taught. Music instruments should be should be used so that the children will remake the sounds they heard in the field.
There are several materials which are supposed to be in the learning environment in order to improve the learning and representation of the children. The most important one is caring teacher; he will make the environment to be more wonderful for the development of children. The teacher should make sure that there are many materials in the class which will be used in many ways in the class for instance there should be blocks of all sizes, fabric materials and art materials. Also there should be enough space for children to actively play thus improves their talents and skills. There should be structures or materials that will be used by children to practice their new experiences.
The learning environment should be well decorated and colored because it supports several activities in the class and they also give the desired change and variety in developing moods in the classroom. Flexible equipment’s and materials are essential in a learning environment , for instance children will use play dough ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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