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History and traditions of Rosh Hashana and multiculturalism in canada - Essay Example

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This happens when people of different races and back grounds stay in one place. Multiculturalism leads to peace and harmony. There is understanding and appreciation of different cultures and this…
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History and traditions of Rosh Hashana and multiculturalism in canada
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Extract of sample "History and traditions of Rosh Hashana and multiculturalism in canada"

Download file to see previous pages For example, there are the Aboriginal people of Canadian who have their own culture. They are known to have many cultural and religious beliefs. Some of those beliefs and practices are known to affect their health. The Aboriginal families are known to do traditional healing ceremonies called “sweet grass healing ceremonies” and they use a lot of smoke (Craig, 2003). This smoke and the healing practice pose a great danger to the health of these families.
Judaism is one of the oldest religions unlike the other religions. The others are Christianity, Muslim and Hinduism. It has set of beliefs that help human beings explain their origin, that of the earth, heaven and natural phenomena. This religion has many followers. The followers of Judaism are called Jews. These followers are scattered around the earth. Their followers believe in one God who is a supreme being and a creator of heaven and earth (Avalos, 2005). This religion has also a place of origin. Judaism originated from Israel just like Christianity.
Judaism originated when God began a holy covenant with Abraham. It’s the oldest religion. There is a sacred building where God is prayed and worshipped. The sacred building for Judaism is synagogue. The Jews have a holy book and it is called Torah. All the followers try to comply with the laws and rules written in these books. Abraham preached the message of love, equality and good virtues. All the followers of religions share a common belief. They believe that there is life after death (Craig, 2003). This is the same case with Jews who believes that they will resurrect after they die. Jews believe in Abraham and Moses as the prophets of God.
The holy place for Jews is Jerusalem. This is the place considered to be the origin of Jews. There are different festivals cerebrated by Jews. The major festivals for jewish are Pesach (Passover) and Rosh Hashanah. Jews have a different way of praying and fasting. They can pray any time of the day and ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Multiculturalism is an essential element of Australian society since it provides the framework for social goals that foster solidarity and upholds ideas, capacity and economic growth (Multiculturalism 1996). According to the South Australian Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs Commission Act of 1980, multiculturalism refers to the “policies and practices that recognize and respond to the ethnic diversity of t...
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