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History and traditions of Rosh Hashana and multiculturalism in canada - Essay Example

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This happens when people of different races and back grounds stay in one place. Multiculturalism leads to peace and harmony. There is understanding and appreciation of different cultures and this…
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History and traditions of Rosh Hashana and multiculturalism in canada
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"History and traditions of Rosh Hashana and multiculturalism in canada"

Download file to see previous pages For example, there are the Aboriginal people of Canadian who have their own culture. They are known to have many cultural and religious beliefs. Some of those beliefs and practices are known to affect their health. The Aboriginal families are known to do traditional healing ceremonies called “sweet grass healing ceremonies” and they use a lot of smoke (Craig, 2003). This smoke and the healing practice pose a great danger to the health of these families.
Judaism is one of the oldest religions unlike the other religions. The others are Christianity, Muslim and Hinduism. It has set of beliefs that help human beings explain their origin, that of the earth, heaven and natural phenomena. This religion has many followers. The followers of Judaism are called Jews. These followers are scattered around the earth. Their followers believe in one God who is a supreme being and a creator of heaven and earth (Avalos, 2005). This religion has also a place of origin. Judaism originated from Israel just like Christianity.
Judaism originated when God began a holy covenant with Abraham. It’s the oldest religion. There is a sacred building where God is prayed and worshipped. The sacred building for Judaism is synagogue. The Jews have a holy book and it is called Torah. All the followers try to comply with the laws and rules written in these books. Abraham preached the message of love, equality and good virtues. All the followers of religions share a common belief. They believe that there is life after death (Craig, 2003). This is the same case with Jews who believes that they will resurrect after they die. Jews believe in Abraham and Moses as the prophets of God.
The holy place for Jews is Jerusalem. This is the place considered to be the origin of Jews. There are different festivals cerebrated by Jews. The major festivals for jewish are Pesach (Passover) and Rosh Hashanah. Jews have a different way of praying and fasting. They can pray any time of the day and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Multiculturalism in Canada a Myth or reality do whatever they want in accordance with their own cultural values and traditions. A large number of non-British and non-French people live in all provinces of Canada making it a real multicultural society. Nearly nineteen percent of all Canadian citizens are those who do not belong to Canada by birth. There is very less amount of foreign people living in Atlantic Canada and Quebec as compared to foreign people living in other parts of the country. Vancouver is a perfect example of multiculturalism where nearly 29 percent foreign people live. Similarly, in Toronto, nearly 40 percent of the total population belongs to countries other...
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Multiculturalism in canada
...Asim Khoja Prof: Alice No: 119675860 30th May 13 The History of Multiculturalism in Canada. Multiculturalism refers to the influx of immigrants from one country to another country; Joseph Garcia in his article offers a more comprehensive definition of the phenomenon as "large influx of immigrants and refugees who are members of visible minorities," (Garcea). Additionally, multiculturalism is used to define various federal initiatives and policies that have been put in place by the government to address the issues of the existence of different cultures and ethnicity in the country. The development and adoption of the multicultural ideas...
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...of 1960s when the minorites (Blacks) fought for their rights (UWM, 2002). Thus it can be said that even though the immigrants do not hold citizenship of the country they live in, yet they have their rights which the a multiculturistic country must give in order to prevent discord and conflicts. Pros of Multiculturalism Now the all important question comes of why some countries like US and Canada promote multiculturalism. 1. Extinguish Racism Multiculturalism is thought to be connected to a solution in solving the problem of racism and discrimination in the society. According to the literature, when culturally diverse people live together, they form a bond; a sort of a...
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...Cartoon The cartoon depicts the real life situation of different races and genders. It tells about the difference which both the races and gendershave amongst each other and it also tells how these different races, classes and genders are working towards each other to bridge this difference. In other words the cartoon is telling about the discrimination faced by different races, classes and genders all over the world. However it can be seen that the cartoon is not really reflecting the reality in the world but is perhaps exaggerating the reality as in reality the gap between the races and genders is nowhere near to be bridged in the real life. Different races in the world are facing the problem of discrimination and...
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...Multiculturalism in America Multiculturalism in America Introduction Constitutional acceptance of cultural diversities has always helped many countries to grow rapidly in the socio-economic front. The present day world has realized the need for conglomerated cultural participation in socio-economic and political arenas to substantiate the comprehensive development of different communities. Multiculturalism broadly refers to a society which caters multiple cultures. Policies that comply with multiculturalism are very important to a country like the USA where people from diverse regions around the globe live and work together. The US population includes people of different...
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Multiculturalism in Canada in political view
...indicated in his article on Canadian multiculturalism. In the article, Allan tracks multiculturalism throughout Canada’s history and concludes that it is either not working or not working as intended. In the article, Allan describes a tendency of self-segregation, which results in growth of self-sufficient racial communities in big cities with members no longer interested in incorporating into the mainstream society. Various countries have continuously tried to make multiculturalism work effectively while maintaining their traditions on the altar of political correctness. In the past, Canada...
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... School: MULTICULTURALISM Lecturer: MULTICULTURALISM There is an adage that variety is the spice of life; meaning that where there is diversity, the beauty of life becomes best exhibited. As depicted in the video, this adage could also be implied in the contemporary business environment to depict the relevance of having a multi-cultural workforce. However, there have been some challenges with the management of multi-cultural firms that has made most human resource managers not preferred having to do with a multi-cultural workforce (Christensen, 2011). Such challenges notwithstanding, the advantages of having multiculturalism still promote the need to overcome these challenges and make multiculturalism the focus of modern business... ...
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...MULTICULTURALISM Introduction There has been an increasing debate on the issue of Multiculturalism across the word in respect to the high rate of immigration experienced in Europe and the west. Several countries present different ideology towards this concept and the outcome is always different. Taking the case of Canada, the issue of Multiculturalism has gained political momentum in major cities like Vancouver among others. In regard to urban politics, there is need to tackle the relationship between pluralist policy in connection to Multiculturalism concept that has been part of Canadian community for decades now. The political and demographic aspect of...
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...Lecturer October 3, Research Proposal Multiculturalism Introduction Multiculturalism or cultural pluralism is the situation where individuals with different cultures live in the same area. The idea of embracing different cultures is good to help people live in harmony. Understanding different cultures help people to accept and appreciate each other’s uniqueness instead of profiling different people on the basis of the cultures. Different cultures come with different races and this is important in the fight against racism which has been in the fore front in advocating for unity among different societies across the world. Reasons for doing the research Different people have addressed this topic but I have...
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