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Critical Review of the reading: Homophobia, Hetereosexism and Heteronormativity in schools (Chapter 11 of Levine -Rasky) page 182-212 - Book Report/Review Example

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Cynthia Levine-Rasky is the editor of the book Canadian Perspectives on the Sociology of Education which is a collection of all assorted essays penned by academics hailing from all of Canada. These mostly deal with the multifaceted relationship that the society shares with the…
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Critical Review of the reading: Homophobia, Hetereosexism and Heteronormativity in schools (Chapter 11 of Levine -Rasky) page 182-212
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"Critical Review of the reading: Homophobia, Hetereosexism and Heteronormativity in schools (Chapter 11 of Levine -Rasky) page 182-212"

Download file to see previous pages He talks of how the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) community has to suffer from a great deal of discrimination in school. “School is the primary site where boys and girls learn to ‘perform’ the gender scripts assigned to them in a society where heterosexuality is the norm” (Walton). It is because of this that many such students prefer to hide their true sexuality. They are afraid of the consequences; they fear the trouble that they would undoubtedly face if they revealed their sexuality. Of how they could be further targeted with jokes about their preferences, pranks and things much worse than that, which may scar them emotionally, mentally as well as physically. What is worse is that it is not just the student who is immature enough to not be able to accept a person for their choice of sexuality but also professionals. The environment in the school is quite hostile for the LGBTQ students. Many homophobic comments such as “‘That’s so gay’ and ‘Don’t be a homo’ have become standard insults in the schoolyard” (Walton).
The society that we live in is such that the people have to identify themselves as the gender that they are born with, they have to act like a girl or a boy depending on the physical attributes that they have regardless of their feelings of they want to be. They have to do what is considered to be “normal” by the society. “People whose gender identity does not match their biological sex are known as transgender... (these) youth are at particular risk of attack and exclusion...Even in gay and lesbian communities, prejudice and violence against transgender people are not uncommon” (Walton). Trying to fit in with the society is a problem that everyone faces depending on their ways of life. So Walton’s point over here touches the hearts of many.
George Weinberg came up the term “homophobia” somewhere in the 1960s (Walton) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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