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Exams Taking Strategy for College Students - Research Paper Example

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This paper "Exams Taking Strategy for College Students" dwells on the test-taking practice in college. As the author puts it, tests are taken often taken in school and even thereafter in one's career. The test-taking strategy has a sole purpose of improving students’ exam performance…
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Exams Taking Strategy for College Students
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"Exams Taking Strategy for College Students"

Download file to see previous pages Daily review of notes and finding relevant questions and assignments is crucial. One has to prepare a timetable for every day and weekly study sessions. Looking for an ample place without any disturbance and ensuring one has all the necessary tools and equipment is another major step. Regular study prior to the exam will ease the final preparations for tests.
Assigning every subject a time like an hour will ensure that one gives adequate time to all the subjects. Short breaks in between such as stretching and moving around increases absorption rate. Short period study foster retention of information and reduces fatigue and stress (Durham, 94). Making a study group also becomes handy so that students/learners can exchange ideas.
Preparing of revision tools is very crucial towards performing in tests. Learning to take good notes is useful for learning as well as taking the notes. Review notes after class, daily and on weekly basis. Notes review before exam acts as a reminder of the broader knowledge one has gained. Some lecturers give notes at a fast rate and a student may not be able to listen and write. One can record the notes using means such as tape recorder and listen to them later as he writes in a notebook. To widen the scope of knowledge of the subject, other reliable sources such as textbooks and internet can be utilized. To ensure adequate coverage and understanding of a subject, the student should make a list of all topics he is supposed to cover and allocate time to each (Scruggs, Thomas & Margo, 93). Index cards can also be the best review tool. They help one review easily without having to use books and notes, concentrate on specific details and ease memorization (Kesselman-Turkel, Judi & Franklynn, 52). The main word is written on one side and facts on the other side. One can also take short notes after reading a chapter and writing down main points. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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