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Critical Review of the reading - Book Report/Review Example

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In her book titled “Canadian Perspective on the sociology of Education”, Cynthia Levine-Rasky discusses some of the fundamentals involved in drafting out a school curriculum. She bases her arguments in light of the hypotheses developed by Klebard. According to Herbert…
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Critical Review of the reading
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"Critical Review of the reading"

Download file to see previous pages ire theory on to the American education system, but with the increasing diversity of Canadian student body, it is equally applicable to Canadian education system as well. (Levine-Rasky 143)
The most important question that the current education system of Canada is often confronted with is that of race and Diaspora; particularly the African-Canadian population. The African identity is by far the most complex to define because of the fact that their presence all over North America was vastly attributed to the Diaspora or the displacement brought about by the institution of slavery. The African population has indeed come a long way from their homeland by way of slavery but then in the later years, a number of people were voluntarily left their homeland in order to immigrate to greener pastures of the world. According to Levine-Rasky, African-Canadian population is relegated to a hyphenated status, giving their real culture no actual meaning or identification and this status is only meant to single out people with a darker skin complexion. Not just African-Canadian, but almost every culture is recognized by a single label; such as the term “Orientals” is applied onto anyone or anything from Asia and brown for Indians (Levine-Rasky 146). The curriculum should work to break down the segregation based on skin color that ultimately defines an entire heritage for the student body.
Levine-Rasky points out that racial and ethnic identity have become more or less of a taboo amongst educators; they deem it wiser if they completely ignore these differences and propagate a more uniform structure of education and knowledge. However, researches have shown that avoidance of these differences makes no significant change, doing nothing but further convoluting the transmission of knowledge. I am of the opinion that ethnic history and Diasporan literacy should be included in the school curriculum to help sustain the identity of the minorities. Making it a part of the Canadian ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Critical Review of the Reading Book Report/ Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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