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Children with special need refer to such children who have a different variety of disability in mental and health conditions that require some special attention, support and services. The parent of these children faces a lot of challenges in upbringing the child with unique…
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Special needs- children
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Inclusion of Special need children Children with special need refer to such children who have a different variety of disability in mental and health conditions that require some special attention, support and services. The parent of these children faces a lot of challenges in upbringing the child with unique need. According to me inclusion of special need children refers to the attitude and approach that ensures that every child whether he is able or disable should participate in every aspect of life. Inclusion refers to providing equal opportunity to every child regardless of ability or disability. By this system the people who were excluded will be reached and will be provided with a safe and comfortable environment, in which they will grow all together leaning cooperation.
I belief true inclusion provides an opportunity to the children and youth with special needs to develop a sense of belongingness through nurturing relationship outside their family, acquiring the knowledge of support system and access to community. The children without special need can also benefit from this inclusion by getting acquainted to the atmosphere of value diversity. Previously the schools did not address the issue of varied learning style for the children instead they have one size fit for all curriculum that did not included the children with special need. To change this and to promote inclusion special education legislation and research has developed special services that will provide service and placement to all students regardless of their disability. Inclusion of special need children is a very controversial topic but my personal experience says that it leads to a substantial affect on the upbringing of a child. On this note I would like to share one of my personal experiences, which makes me belief like this.
One of my friend’s son was suffering from Partial Autism. Though he was fine in communication but he lack some of the normal communications like he used to repeat the same sentence again and again. Whatever his parents said he didn’t paid attention towards them instead he did things as per his own wish. My friend consulted many doctors but there was no improvement. He got him admitted to a school where inclusion was followed. It worked as a miracle. He has now got his own friend circle, which makes him learn the normal ways of talking, playing and writing. He gets the feel of the normal society which he was devoid of before. He has now become more confident than before. Now he has started listening to his parents and follows their instructions.
I think inclusion brings diversity to the class room, which is very positive side of this whole initiative. The peers get an opportunity to know that there exist people with special need. They learn how to interact with them and at the same time learn the lesson of acceptance. On the other hand the children with special need also get to mix with peer who can communicate, develop and play in normal ways. Their communication with the normal children will be more stimulating than a single educator dealing with them can do. It gives the child to learn the abilities to prevent him from getting underestimated and challenged academically. These will provide the special need child with a boost to do something new and act in normal ways like the other children do. They will learn the natural behavior that is expected from them. Even if they are with the common people they wouldn’t feel embarrassed. Situation has started changing, and ray of hopes are also visible. Government has also taken significant steps in implementing this. After all children are our future and we should nurture then to create a better society. Read More
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