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Code of Ethics - Assignment Example

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Coaching is an act of interacting with clients and collaborating with them in a creative process that challenges them to utilize their individual and professional ability. Professional coaching takes place when there is a consensus that describes the roles of the two…
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Code of Ethics
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Extract of sample "Code of Ethics"

of ethics of ethics Coaching is an act of interacting with and collaborating with them in a creative process thatchallenges them to utilize their individual and professional ability. Professional coaching takes place when there is a consensus that describes the roles of the two parties.
The professional conduct at large and teacher based coaching share common characters in that they both require that as a coach, it is vital to respect, uphold and recognize the worth and dignity of the client, and deal with them in a just manner. Further, teacher based coaching calls for teachers as coaches to guide and direct students to gain requite knowledge and skills. The professional conduct at large advocates the same since it strives to provide information that is true about what is offered by the coach.
The Professional conduct with clients and teacher based coaching requires for provision of explanation in order to ensure that the client clearly understands the nature of coaching, confidentiality and other important information required during coaching. The teacher based coaching and the professional conduct with clients respects the right to end the coaching process at any time during the process.
Relationship between professional conduct at large and teacher based coaching
Professional conduct at large and teacher-based coaching
Worth and dignity of the client
Guidance to gain requisite skills and knowledge
Relationship between professional conduct with clients and teacher based coaching
Professional conduct with clients and teacher based coaching
Explanation of message to the client (Mutual conversation)
Respects the right to end the coaching process as stipulated in the contract

International Coach Federation. (2008). ICF code of ethics. Lexington: ICF. Read More
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Code of Ethics Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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