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D2 - Assignment Example

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Diana Baumrind researched during the era of 1960s and came up with three distinct styles of brining up children; one of those styles was referred to as authoritarian style of child rearing (Berk 100). In Authoritarian child of parenting, the parents of children expect very high…
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Child Rearing Diana Baumrind researched during the era of 1960s and came up with three distinctstyles of brining up children; one of those styles was referred to as authoritarian style of child rearing (Berk 100). In Authoritarian child of parenting, the parents of children expect very high from their children, set very strict guidelines and expect their children not to revolt against and comply at all times with the guidelines. Baumrind states that parents who follow a authoritarian style of brining up their children have strict orientation towards obedience and status and expect their children to comply with them without asking for any explanations. These parents are mostly aggressive while treating their children and instead of being obedient, they prefer using punishment to discipline their child. These parents become very aggressive if their children take a stand against them and punish their children for questioning their authority.
Another form of parenting style researched by Baumrind is authoritative parenting style, parents following this style expect their children to be mature and act maturely at all times, these parents are high in emotional intelligence and can guide their children so they can easily control their emotions. These parents contribute a lot to their children’s upbringing and help them develop problem solving skills, these parents allow their children to gain independency but they even prefer certain amount of restrictions and limitations. These parents appreciate two way communications and are ready to answer all the questions of their children and hold a very warm and affectionate attitude towards their babies.
Works Cited
Berk, Laura E. Child Development. Boston: Pearson/Allyn and Bacon, 2006. Print Read More
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