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Why I Want to Study at Kelley School of Business - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The paper "Why I Want to Study at Kelley School of Business" discusses that college education plays a key role in shaping people’s destiny by mapping out their intended carrier paths. It offers opportunity and serves as a revelation to a world of possibilities…
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Why I Want to Study at Kelley School of Business
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Extract of sample "Why I Want to Study at Kelley School of Business"

Good education is the pillar of a better and reasonable life. A good education entails one’s ability to access more knowledge from well-established institutions of advanced learning. It is also a solid foundation for people who have great aspirations in life. I currently reside in Indiana, and I seek to complete my studies in the business field. I hope to gain this through a reputable college or university in the United States. It is for this reason that I seek an opportunity at Kelley School of Business IUPUI.
My personal attributes that make me a more viable applicant for the chance to study at this institution are exemplary. For starters, I have proficiency in both English and Arabic with excellent communication and business writing skills. I also have good knowledge of the management of businesses, as I have been a general manager for Jazan Royal Sweet Hotel back in Saudi Arabia. In addition to these, I have good customer relationship management skills coupled with strong analytic and organizational skills. As an addition, I am efficient in the use of technology as I am proficient in the application of Microsoft Office, internet and Photoshop.
As a personal attribute, I received a scholarship to the United States from Saudi’s Ministry of Higher Education to further my studies. I believe that the Kelley School of Business IUPUI will nurture me towards meeting my personal goals and career objectives. A degree from this institution will also distinguish me from the rest of the people eyeing the same position, as I am thus increasing my employability. Further, I believe that learning the best is learning from the best. Read More
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