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Cultural Interview - Research Paper Example

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There are thousands of individuals who usually flock in the United States in search of a better lifestyle. Therefore, this has created ethnic diversity in most…
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Cultural Interview
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Extract of sample "Cultural Interview"

Cultural Interview Cultural Interview According to various sources, it is quite evident that there are several groups of individuals in the American society. There are thousands of individuals who usually flock in the United States in search of a better lifestyle. Therefore, this has created ethnic diversity in most working places. The immigrants who have jobs in the United States add into religious, cultural and ethnic diversity in America as they are assimilated in the American society. This trend is majorly attributed by the feature of globalization. In most cases, the American companies venture in expansive reforms. This paper will discuss the ethnic diversity at the workplace in the United States.
In this case, ethnic diversity entails the employment of individuals without discriminating them on the basis of their ethnic background. Companies in the United States are supposed to employ a diverse workforce in order to understand the demographics of their clients. This will substantially increase their market and attract more customers. The jurisdiction in the United States is committed to protecting individuals from all forms of discrimination. According to the employees at Murray State University there interface between individuals is extremely crucial in enhancing respect and reducing biases at the workplace. In most workplace settings, the employees are faced with ethnic differences. After carrying out an interview with Raman Shaman who is Indian employee based in the United States, Shaman supported the aspect of ethnic diversity in the workplace setting. The details of the interview are presented below.
Me: Hello Mr. Shaman.
Shaman: Hello.
Me: Tell me about yourself?
Shaman: I am an Indian who works at Murray State University under the engineering department.
Me: What does diversity mean to you? Do you consider yourself diverse?
Shaman: Diversity is all about employing different individuals in the business setting in order to enhance the business demographics. I am diverse because I strive to work with individuals from different ethnic backgrounds and coping with their diverse nature.
Me: How would you describe your ethnicity? The cultural heritage?
Shaman: I would describe my ethnic background as understanding because; according to my understanding most of the Indians understand the diverse nature of other individuals in the society. The Indian culture is strict concerning certain regulations, which are supposed to be followed strictly. Therefore, our cultural heritage involves several regulations and laws that are to be followed strictly.
Me: What are some of aspects of your identity that you most value? How does diversity or culture impact your identity?
Shaman: As an Indian, I value my cultural beliefs and my religion. This is because, my background defines my personality. My diverse nature also impacts my identity in that I am able to relate with other individuals from all walks of life.
Me: Are there any cultural/ethnic traditions that you mightily value?
Shaman: Yes, I highly appreciate the laws set up in the Buddhist religion.
Me: How do you view leadership from your worldview?
Shaman: According to my perception, leadership is a gift that is denounced to an individual who has the ability to inflict authority to other individuals.
I selected Shaman for the interview when I was gathering support material for my research at the Murray State University. Later on, I contacted him over the telephone and held the brief interview. Prior to the interview, I was not fully convinced about diversity in employees. However, after conducting the interview, I discovered that diversity in employees was extremely vital in ensuring that the business is successful. The most intriguing thing I learnt in the interview is related to some of the regulations in the Buddhist society. I also learnt that the implementation of diversity in the workplace ensures that the business uses all the resources available to reach new markets. Therefore, the aspect of diversity is unique and enhances productivity among the employees. Read More
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