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The emphasis has been given on the significance of AT in education, which provides scaffolding to the student’s learning…
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Reflective Assessment
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Reflective Assessment IDEA and IEP have originated and prompted the assistive technology program for the benefit with extreme or mild learning deficiencies. The emphasis has been given on the significance of AT in education, which provides scaffolding to the student’s learning capabilities, which cannot be tackled through customary teaching methods. AT helps to bridge the gap of physical and intellectual learning disabilities of a student in the class. Therefore, normal learning environment has been created for students with learning deficiencies, which preserves their self-esteem as well. In 2oo4, IDEA has proclaimed that children with disabilities learn more efficiently with the assistance of technology and services (Dalton, 2006).
AT has not only facilitated the special needs students, but it has also contributed positively in enhancing and developing the restrained abilities of children belonging from different regions and cultures. The change in the structure of teaching method and delivery of instructions by IDEA, further recommend to the educators to be aware of the significance of AT in Education. Teachers develop, monitor, generate and deliver instructions by keeping in regard the grasping ability of students and eventually engaging them into learning process. Thus, the resources (AT) becomes more comprehend able and accessible to those who do not posses any disability or their disability has not been identified yet.
The difference between IT (Instructional Technology) and AT (Assistive Technology) is often misunderstood. The awareness of human learning process linked to the task of teaching and learning is known as Instructional Technology. To evaluate the purpose of IT, the probable outcomes like instructional usefulness, instructional appeal and instructional competence is taken into consideration. Therefore, the above mentioned tools are necessary for the planning required, for instructional interventions, and the requirement of AT devices and sources according to the subject or concept.
Deficiency of reading can be taken into regard as a skill and as a mean to attain information. When children with special needs use special software, developed to assist them learn phonetic pronunciation, recognition and fluency, they come into the category of IT in education. On the other hand, if the software provides audio textual information to enhance the information specifically related to the subject then it is a part of AT (Parette & Peters, 2007).
Experts have highlighted the need to assess the difference between present and required performance of a student, either with the presence of assistive technology or change in instructional. This assessment ascertains that humans have different learning styles; therefore, the conventional method of teaching does not work on learning disable children.
For children with slower cognitive development, the progress of the task at hand becomes extremely tedious. Therefore, conventional teachers have to gear up with the tools of AT and IT to aid children who face complexity while interpreting instructions. Children with cognitive deficiencies face physical and sensory limitations. Therefore, it is the utmost responsibility of an educator to design the lesson in accord with the AT, to facilitate the child’s learning need to its maximum.
Listening, visibility, sense of touch, fine motor skills and ability to co-ordinate and speak at the same are the areas that need attention, while choosing the right technology for the learning deficient children. The design of technology and requirement of a learning deficient child should match. Otherwise, the technology provided for the sole purpose of learning would not be useful (LoPresti et al., 2004).

Dalton, E. M. (15, March 2006). Assistive technology in education a review of policies, standards, and curriculum integration from 1997 through 2000 involving assistive technology and the individuals with disabilities education act. Retrieved from
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LoPresti, E. F., Mihailidis, A., & Kirsch, N. (January 01, 2004). Assistive technology for cognitive rehabilitation: State of the art. Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, 1-2.
Parette, H. P., & Peterson-Karlan, G. R. (December 01, 2007). Facilitating Student Achievement with Assistive Technology. Education and Training in Developmental Disabilities, 42, 4, 387-397.
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Reflective Assessment Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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