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Controversy about Virtual Classrooms in Middle School - Research Paper Example

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This essay talks that education and style of approach to its application has gone through tremendous change especially in the last two decades due to the overwhelming technological advancement. A brief look at forms of education across the many past generations show a significant difference…
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Controversy about Virtual Classrooms in Middle School
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Extract of sample "Controversy about Virtual Classrooms in Middle School"

Download file to see previous pages This report stresses that some of the criteria used to evaluate the stand of teachers and parents on this matter include review of information or literature on impacts of virtual classroom on all stakeholders. Another criterion is to develop a hypothesis for the controversy for having virtual classroom. The next criterion is the definition of both sides this will elaborate why teachers oppose virtual classroom and why administrators propose it. Selection of participants and control of extraneous variables is another method. Interviewing parents, teachers and administrators, will also be another criterion to use in developing this plot. Data collection, analysis, and result interpretation will also be put into use. Each of the given sources is credible and can be believed. The AIU books in the library give a clear study in this issue, and so it will be an adequate source of information. The internet/Google especially Google books has many relevant books on this specific topic. There are many online books and statistics on the same if one goes online. Therefore, it will be a dependable source.
This paper makes a conclusion that exists in a virtual classroom for middle class is particularly important at this point in time. The project will bring clarity on whether virtual learning is effective in disseminating knowledge to students in grade school. Virtual learning was to be a means of bridging the gap between rich and pure students. Taking this study will help in giving the needed information about the controversy and the approach that the target audience should have towards it. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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