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The paper "Adult Learning Theory" talks about the importance of adult learning theory as compared to childhood learning, why it is the most preferred mode of learning, its principles and particular situations where it has been applied. Adult learning theory critically analyses a set of ideas on how adults learn new skills of information…
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Adult Learning Theory
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Discussion: Adult Learning Theory
This particular paper talks about the importance of adult learning theory as compared to child hood learning, why it is the most preferred mode of learning, its principles and particular situations where it has been applied.
Adult learning theory
Adult learning theory critically analyses a set of ideas on how adults learn new skills of information. According to Malcolm Knowles and other scholars, Adult learning theory also referred to as Andragogy was created as an attempt to differentiate learning in childhood from the learning in adulthood (Brookfield, 2005). In essence, Knowles describes Adult learning theory as the ‘art and science of helping adults learn”. Actually, this theory carries with it some assumptions about self concept, experience, readiness, motivation, and, orientation to learning as well as relevance.
These assumptions gives the individuals a chance to take the initiative, with or without the help of others to diagnose their needs in learning, formulate them, identify human and material resources for learning, preferring and putting into practice appropriate learning strategies as well as evaluating the outcomes (Brookfield, 2005). This is what differs with the learning of children due to the fact that the characters portrayed in this theory, such as self reliance cannot be present in childhood learning as it requires a lot of guiding from teachers or instructors depending with the kind of teaching they are going through (Hall, et al., 2004).
I recall my recent workshop training on the importance of adult learning based on “learning the new electronic medical record’ in all in the medical fraternity. The workshop had come up to encourage most of the hospitals to come up with an adult learning session so as to improve the mode of working for its members. During, the experiences there was the principle of adult learning the entails practice and problem centered where people were taught how to insert a chip under the skin of the patient so as to come up with all the health issues that are affecting the patients, thus encouraging keeping of health records. There was use of collaborative, authentic problem-solving activities such as understanding what to do especially when some or all the gadgets were not working (Hohler, 2003). By giving new ideas and offering suggestions through the discussions that were held.
This learning experience brought to light the importance of positive self esteem especially based in the kind of profession that was on hand. It emphasized on the importance that individual being more effective and confident through practice and establishing routines and self set goals ensuring that they are met at all cost. New ideas were also incorporated in relation to the previous experience that was gained with the help of the of the days topic. Essentially, those who had knowledge of computer were in a better position to understand the topic of the day as compared to those who did not have the experience. At the end of the seminar, people were also given a section to mirror on their experiences both professionally and socially.
Personally, as a nurse and an educator, I had recently been assigned some new nurses to take them through work orientation at my workplace which is one of the busiest referral hospitals. Initially, I sort to educate the through the two essential principles of adult learning. One of the principles was through giving them my own experiences especially when work was less. The adult learn best by doing hence I would encourage them to see as well as understand what I would guide them. The other principle was self responsibility which involves interpreting information according to personal values and experiences ensuring that they have full responsibility of their own learning.
However, I regret on a particular incident when I did not check the patient for Blood pressure. This led to a delayed operation because the patient would have not been operated with a high Blood pressure. Given a second chance I would get the patient’s blood pressure to ensure that the right information is give to the doctor.
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Adult Learning Theory Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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