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Alternative Assessment Analysis - Essay Example

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This can only be achieved through use of various forms of assessments. This paper mainly focuses on alternative assessments that can be used to measure and…
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Alternative Assessment Analysis
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"Alternative Assessment Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages Various forms of formal alternative assessments are the portfolios, projects, and journals. These kind of assessments have specific guidelines and formally specified performance indicators that are used to measure students learning. The major situation in which these kinds of assessments are appropriate is actually, when the learning attribute measured is specific and can be practically revealed. A good example is the assessment of a student’s ability to plan, manage, and implement a program related to their field of study. In such a case a project or a portfolio can be very appropriate to assess the student’s skills.
The most conspicuous form of an informal alternative assessment is observation. This kind of assessment is informal since it has no specific indicators that can show the level of performance of a student. It is also one kind of an assessment undertaken informally and sometimes the student might fail to realize that he is being assessed. This kind of assessment is very appropriate when it comes to assessing competency of some aspects of learning that the student might try to hide. A good example is the assessment of pronunciation and communication ability of a student.
There was a time our teacher used observation form of assessment in assessing our ability to communicate back in elementary school. Most of us were not aware that it was an assessment until the teacher told us so after we had completed the task that was assigned to us. The assignment was simple since each of the students was to use five minutes to explain to the teacher his most exciting moments of the class. Later, after the teacher informed us that it was an assessment he showed us the rubric that he was using to mark the assessment. He later told each of us his score in the assessment, where he had gone wrong, and what he needs to improve. He also told us various types of instructions that he has decided to introduce in order to counter the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Alternative Assessment Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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