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Adult Ed SLP One - Research Paper Example

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Adults moving into post secondary education are exposed to several challenges that not only affect their academic performance, but also decline their ability to actively participate in the post secondary programs. Owing to these challenges, “[o]ver 60 percent of the U.S…
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Adult Ed SLP One
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"Adult Ed SLP One"

Download file to see previous pages Challenges faced by institutions in the post secondary education include lack of an effective transition, poor perceptions of adult learners, disintegration of entities involved in the system, lack of research and funding, and low participation.
Adults moving into the post secondary education require a reliable navigation system in order to be able to select the appropriate programs that would help them identify their career pathways, achieve their goals, and get connected to the right institutions. There are some adult learners who do not think that they are college material because of their perceptions of going to the college when they are adults. Launch of a national communications and marketing campaign might help eradicate this stigma and facilitate them in the identification of career pathways.
One of the most significant challenges of institutions in the post secondary education in the present age is that various entities that are involved in it that include but are not limited to the employers, philanthropic entities, college administration, and government are disintegrated. There has been some research about the success of adult learners and graduates, but an effort to consolidate the findings of these studies in a central location yet needs to be made.
A considerable population of students leaves education after the secondary level because of a number of reasons including the fear of racism, bullying, high college fees, and the financial burden and pressure from the family to start working and making money as soon as possible. Data on the transition of the learners of adult basic education (ABE) to the post secondary education is limited, that indicates that not many ABE learners enroll in the post secondary programs. According to the data collected by the Department of Education’s National Reporting System, about 48,350 adults had enrolled in the post secondary education in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Adult Ed SLP One Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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