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Malcolm X - Literature review Example

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The paper 'Malcolm X' focuses on narration of how he discovered the power of language when he was in prison. Malcolm used the skills he acquired in language and writing to write letters to his earlier-day buddies such as the gambler, hustler, thief, and dope-peddler…
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Malcolm X
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Extract of sample "Malcolm X"

This is the real situation for most hustlers. They would pass as executives or people high on the corporate lane. Beneath these lives they live, they are illiterate.
Although he had little formal education, Malcolm X spent his time in prison trying to educate himself using the dictionary. Then with time, he was able to make simple logical grammatical sentences which came in handy when writing letters. His efforts also paid off because he started understanding books when he read them. Although the prison authorities were aware of the letters that Malcolm wrote, they did not say anything to him about them. He believes that during that time, the white man knew he was the devil. During the time, there was widespread knowledge that the white man was responsible in a way for the black man’s condition. Malcolm X was filled with the desire to use his writing skills to educate about Allah and Islam. His desire to learn more led to his dedicated study of the dictionary. From this, he taught himself to read and write. This expressly shows how someone can achieve their desires with dedication and a little investment in time (Benson and Cosgrove, 31). Read More
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