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These steps will include identification of the problem, formulatin of alternatives, weighing the options, making the decision, implementing the decision and tracking the results.
2. Formulating…
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Lesson Plan for elementary grade level - any grade from 1-6
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Lesson Plan Task: Teacher:   May 21st Education Grade 4 Topic: Decision making Time: Context:
Steps of sound decision making
Learning Objectives:
The students will be taken through the six crucial steps of decision making. These steps will include identification of the problem, formulatin of alternatives, weighing the options, making the decision, implementing the decision and tracking the results.
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1.  Problem identification: students will be required to come up with problems for solution. This will give them a frame from which they will state the desired outcome.
2. Formulating alternatives: they will have to develop possible solutions to the problems formulated. In coming up with these alternatives, it will be notified to them not to restrict their thinking to solutions that are directly linked to the problems alone. They will also be required to include irrelevant solutions since better solutions at times do come from out of the box thinking.
3. Weighing the options: they will be required to list all the pros and cons of the possible solutions and also include the remedies to these cons.
4. Make the decision: after weighing all the options and coming up with the best one, they will be asked to try merging two or more options before making the final decision.
5. Implementing the decision: based on the decisions made, they will be guided through the implementation process.
6. Tracking the solution: they will then be taught on how to monitor the progress of their decisions and make corrections where necessary.
The students will be required to come up with a problem of their own and find the solution. They will be required to list down the steps followed in arriving at their solutions.
Jahan, C. (2008). Physical education lesson plans for classroom teachers grades 4-6 : a guide for creating lesson plans which are easy to use and provide a balanced, sequential program of physical education. San Clemente, CA: Aeras.
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