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If the students use more keywords, results will be more accurate and specific. For instance, if the web search comprises of the name as well as location of any search item, the search engine will…
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Techonolog Discusssion 3
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Full Paper Technology Discussion The effective use of search engine incorporates certain basic rules using keywords. If the students use more keywords, results will be more accurate and specific. For instance, if the web search comprises of the name as well as location of any search item, the search engine will produce better results, as compare to just location or name of the search item. Consequently, the keyword must be well constructed and specific to the intended results. Moreover, the selection of search engines is also important, as Google now provides different search engines to search results such as Google Scholar, Google Books, Google Finance, Google images.
There are various ‘Internet filtering software’ available to date. Two of them are Mcafee Safe eyes and Cyber Patrol. Mcafee Safe eyes allow users to control social networking and email accounts. Moreover, it also restricts certain keywords entered in search engines so that parental control can be applied to certain pornographic materials on the web (Internet filter software review 2012). Furthermore, it also allows setting the time limit for Internet usage. On the other hand, Cyber Patrol provides parameters for websites to be blocked, as they can be categorized in the black list and the allowed sites can be categorized in the white list (Internet filter software review 2012).
In terms of user ratings, as per ‘’, Mcafee gains five stars in categories such as feature set, ease of use, ease of installation and filtering effectiveness. On the other hand, Cyber patrol gains 3 stars in all these three categories.
The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) focuses on issues associated with offensive material on the Internet that can be viewed on school and library computers. Likewise, CIPA enforces certain requirements on schools and libraries that are funded by E-rate programs. The E-rate program facilitates to make information technology more affordable to the eligible schools and libraries. Likewise, schools that are subjected to CIPA must establish an Internet safety policy that will address some of the clause provided below (Childrens internet protection act, n.d):
Access of computers by minors using the Internet inappropriately
Security and safety of minors utilizing email services, chat room services and other type of communication platforms
Unauthorized disclosure of personal information
Restricting minors from harmful information
The Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act COPPA is an act that is applicable to online collection of personal information from the age groups of 13 year old. Likewise, from April 1st 2000, a privacy policy is mandatory that will address how and when to find the verifiable consent from a guardian along with the responsibilities of an operator with regards to age groups of 13 year old. CIPA addresses children Internet protection as a whole and covers almost four associated domains. Whereas, COPPA only addresses online privacy issues associated with children safety.
Internet filter software review 2012 | best internet filter & parental control software | block pornography - TopTenREVIEWS Retrieved 5/22/2012, 2012, from
Childrens internet protection act | Retrieved 5/22/2012, 2012, from Read More
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