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What is academic freedom What is the role of universities in protecting and promoting freedom for faculty and students - Term Paper Example

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Academic freedom is the apparent belief that the state of freedom of inquest by affiliation faculty members and the students is pertinent to the realization of the mission, purpose and vision of the educational institution. It also spells that the students or the member scholars…
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What is academic freedom What is the role of universities in protecting and promoting freedom for faculty and students
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Extract of sample "What is academic freedom What is the role of universities in protecting and promoting freedom for faculty and students"

Download file to see previous pages ccordance with the US 1940 statement regarding academic freedom, lecturers ought to be categorically careful to avoid, in their capacity, controversial or contending matters that are unrelated to this practice. These teachers have full freedom to write and talk in the public and put their opinions forward without institutional fears of discipline and censorship (Provenzo, 2010).
However, they ought to indicate restraint that they are not all representing their educational institution in any way whatsoever. In addition, academic occupancy protects this kind of freedom through ensuring that all teachers can only be sacked for grave reasons of gross misdemeanours and conduct drawbacks (Walvoord, 2010). This can also apply in the case of incompetence in professional occupancy. Additionally, behaviours that underplay professional respect and those that induce condemnation from the general virtual academic community may be punished.
Proponents that side with academic freedom purport that the apparent freedom to enquire by scholars and educational affiliation members is overtly pertinent to the realization of the vision and the general mission of the academy. Additionally, the argue that most academic societies are occasionally targeted for alleged repression due to their apparent capability to control, influence and shape the resultant flow of information in the society (West, 2008).
As potential scholars try their best to extend and communicate their notions and purported truths that are apparently non-convenient to most political dispensations and authorities, they may get into risk of repression or vilification, imprisonment and possible loss of jobs. For instance, a North African professor lost his employment after discovering and addressing the fact that his nation’s infant death rate was actually higher than the government’s records (Assefa, 2008).
Moreover, the contemporary society scholars have come to form a world affiliation, dubbed academic for the ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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