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Cowboys & Indians - Research Paper Example

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Some of the negative or incorrect stereotypes associated with Native Americans are as follows: that (1) Native Americans are naturally synonymous to Native American Indians and that they are all alike; (2) they are pictured to live particularly in tipis on a reservation; still…
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Cowboys & Indians
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Extract of sample "Cowboys & Indians"

Cowboys & Indians Cowboys & Indians What are some negative or incorrect stereotypes often associated with Native Americans?
Some of the negative or incorrect stereotypes associated with Native Americans are as follows: that (1) Native Americans are naturally synonymous to Native American Indians and that they are all alike; (2) they are pictured to live particularly in tipis on a reservation; still wear braids and ride horses; (3) they deeply spiritual and have distinct practices calling on their ancestors for consultations on various endeavors; (4) they still maintain Indian names; (5) they are a vanquishing race; (6) they have profound knowledge of their cultural heritage; and (7) that they get special privileges from the government; among others (Fleming, 2006). A closer evaluation and research on Native Americans would divulge that just like any other ethnic race, American Indians belong to different tribes and still exist in vast areas of the country. Further, the noted privileges were reported to have been products of treaties “that tribes signed with the federal government were provisions that the government would provide education and health care to the tribes in exchange for the millions of acres of tribal lands” (Fleming, 2006, p. 215).
How do you think these misconceptions came to be so prevalent?
These misconceptions apparently became so prevalent because people have tendencies to oversimplify, to add personal interpretations to facts, or to apply some personal observations on limited individuals to the whole group, in general. As disclosed by Fleming (2006), “they can be a product of oversimplification, exaggeration, or generalization” (p. 216). When not immediately corrected or validated, these myths and stereotypes are spread throughout time like wildfire and become part of a culture’s misunderstood perceptions.
Fleming, W. (2006, November). Myths and Stereotypes About Native Americans. Retrieved April 24, 2012, from Read More
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