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They also help you to be familiar with, know characteristics of, and have strategies to try with these students. With that being said, I also feel that for me I learn…
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Your thoughts
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My thoughts Research and training for working with special needs is an essential part of becoming a teacher. They also help you to be familiar with, know characteristics of, and have strategies to try with these students. With that being said, I also feel that for me I learn best by doing. So I have probably learned the best strategies and techniques from experience in the classroom as well as observing other teachers. Do you have any thoughts? How do you learn best? What experiences do you have with observing other teachers?
Ans. While there is a lot of literature that is useful for a teacher to understand the culture of a classroom and the students’ psychology, nothing compares to a practical experience gained by a teacher in the classroom. A teacher learns a lot by observing the students and other teachers. To learn the best way, it is advisable for a teacher to take some classes as a silent observer among the students while another teacher is teaching. The first and the foremost thing I have learnt from other teachers is management. This includes controlling the students’ discipline and finishing the curriculum within the required duration. One thing that I have particularly learnt is never to bring my ego in while dealing with the students.
2. Students like Ernest (special needs) need that extra attention from the teacher sometimes in order to succeed. In some classrooms they have so many students that it is hard for the teacher to give that one on one attention that may help the student progress. So by Ms. Hodges implementing the current tactics into her curriculum it really will help Ernest especially the group work. Some kids feel more comfortable learning from other kids, because some kids may feel inferior working with the teacher. What do you think?
Ans. There is no doubt in the fact that the age difference of a student with the person he/she is working with makes a lot of difference when it comes to understanding things and participating in activities. Age difference between a student and a teacher is much more than that among two or more students. Students generally take teachers for their parents, and would only be able to expose themselves in a restrained manner. Students are influenced by the seniority and maturity of the teachers. As a result, they are likely to consider their questions too immature to be asked, when the questions might not be immature at all. On the other hand, when students are working in groups with other students their age, they are psychologically relieved and have more freedom to raise any concern they have. Therefore, if a teacher makes such an arrangement wherein students can learn from one another, it is a potential way of enhancing the students’ learning. Read More
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