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Employability Examination - Essay Example

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The author of this essay entitled "Employability Examination" focuses on self-education. According to the text, the exam helped me understand the fundamental features that distinguish employers, which include the type of industry, its location, and its size…
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Employability Examination
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Extract of sample "Employability Examination"

The exam accorded me with what entails a “30-second commercial” hence raising my focus and attention to such commercial since they may hold the key to a great job opportunity. The “riffle approach” to marketing online as defined in the exam is important in ensuring a precise and effective online presentation where potential employers could trace me.
The exam also acquainted me with the facts that there are fewer jobs advertisements. This helps me to adapt other avenues of seeking for a job and the knowledge that jobs are there even though they do not feature in adverts. The knowledge of having multiple, effective and visible resumes online is quite crucial because it helps me create a platform to market myself for a job online. However, the fact that not all resumes get attention encourages me to remain consistent and persistent on my job submissions. Nevertheless, the exam cautioned me against taking a resume to a network meeting as it lowers one's credibility. The information on networking will help me to share information and contacts on job opportunities with others where 65%-85% of jobs come through networking. The exam informed me about the importance of academic projects and internships in job interviews. The examination informed on how to treat job requirements before attending an interview. This is significant as it sets the minimum qualifications for any job. In conclusion, the exam prepares me to market myself, job searching, attending an interview, and negotiating a job offer (Alobaidali Web). Read More
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(Employability Examination Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 351 Words)
Employability Examination Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 351 Words.
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